Oracle GoldenGate 11g Handbook

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Master Oracle GoldenGate 11g

Enable highly available, real-time access to enterprise data in heterogeneous environments. Featuring hands-on workshops, Oracle GoldenGate 11g Handbook shows you how to install, configure, and implement this high-performance application. You’ll learn how to replicate data across Oracle databases and other platforms, including MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, and perform near-zero-downtime migrations and upgrades. Monitoring, performance tuning, and troubleshooting are also discussed in this Oracle Press guide.

  • Install and configure Oracle GoldenGate
  • Implement Oracle GoldenGate one-way replication
  • Configure multitarget and cascading replication
  • Use bidirectional replication to build a heterogeneous database infrastructure
  • Secure your environment, control and manipulate data, and prevent errors
  • Configure Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Use Oracle GoldenGate with MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Perform near-zero-downtime upgrades and migrations
  • Use Oracle GoldenGate Monitor and Oracle GoldenGate Director
  • Ensure data quality with Oracle GoldenGate Veridata
  • Implement nondatabase integration options

Table of contents

  1. Cover 
  2. About the Author
    1. About the Technical Editor
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents 
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. Intended Audience
  9. Chapter 1: Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate 11g and Replication
    1. What Is Replication and Why Use It?
    2. What Kinds of Replication Are There?
      1. Disk-Based Replication
      2. Database Data Replication
      3. Database Object Replication
    3. Oracle Replication: The Past
      1. Oracle Snapshots and Materialized Views
      2. Oracle Advanced Replication
      3. Oracle Streams
      4. Oracle Heterogeneous Replication
      5. Oracle GoldenGate
      6. What’s Next?
  10. Chapter 2: The Oracle GoldenGate Architecture
    1. Documentation and Information Please
    2. Overview of Databases That Support Oracle GoldenGate
    3. The Oracle GoldenGate Architecture and Processes
      1. The Oracle GoldenGate Manager Process
      2. The Oracle GoldenGate Extract (or Capture) Process
      3. The Oracle GoldenGate Trail Files
      4. The Oracle GoldenGate Data Pump Process
      5. The Oracle GoldenGate Server Collector
      6. The Oracle GoldenGate Apply (Replicat) Process
      7. The Oracle GoldenGate Software Command Interface (GGSCI)
      8. The Oracle GoldenGate Parameter Files
    4. Data Replication and Latency
    5. Compatibility Between Different Versions of GoldenGate
  11. Chapter 3: Installing Oracle GoldenGate
    1. Oracle GoldenGate Requirements
      1. Oracle GoldenGate Oracle Database Platforms Supported
      2. Oracle GoldenGate Oracle Database Versions Supported
      3. Oracle GoldenGate Memory Requirements
      4. Oracle GoldenGate Disk Space Requirements
      5. Oracle GoldenGate Network Requirements
    2. The Demonstration Environments We Use in This Book
      1. Download and Set Up Oracle VirtualBox
      2. Creating the Oracle VirtualBox Images Used in This Book
    3. Download and Install Oracle GoldenGate
      1. What Do I Need to Know Before I Download GoldenGate?
      2. How Do I Download GoldenGate?
      3. Installing Oracle GoldenGate
  12. Chapter 4: Configuring Oracle GoldenGate
    1. Configuring Oracle GoldenGate After the Initial Install
      1. Configuring the Operating System Environment for GoldenGate
      2. Configuring the Oracle Database GoldenGate User
      3. Configuring for DDL Replication
      4. Configuring to Support Oracle Sequences
      5. Configuring the GoldenGate Directories and Using GGSCI
    2. Information to Collect Before You Architect Your Replication Solution
      1. Information You Will Need to Collect Before You Start
    3. Preparing Your Systems for Operation
    4. Configuration of the Oracle Database for GoldenGate Operations
      1. Configure the Database for Flashback Queries
      2. GoldenGate and Primary Keys
      3. Dealing with Deferred Constraints
      4. Verify That the Database Has Supplemental Logging Enabled
      5. Configuring the GLOBALS Parameter File
    5. Configuration and Administration of the Oracle GoldenGate Manager Process
      1. Configuration of the Oracle GoldenGate Manager Process
      2. Administration of the Oracle GoldenGate Manager Processes
  13. Chapter 5: Implementing Oracle GoldenGate One-Way Replication
    1. Preparing for Replication
      1. Introducing the HR Schema
      2. Our Selected Topology
      3. So, What Are We Doing?
    2. Preparing the Target Database for Replication
    3. Configuring the GoldenGate Manager Process
    4. Configuring the GoldenGate Extract Process
      1. Creating the Extract Parameter File
      2. Registering the Extract
      3. Adding the Trail File to GoldenGate and Associating It with the Extract
      4. Administering the Extract Process
    5. Configuring the GoldenGate Data Pump
      1. Creating the GoldenGate Data Pump Extract Parameter File
      2. Registering the GoldenGate Data Pump Extract
      3. Administering the GoldenGate Data Pump Extract Process
    6. Instantiating the Target Database Using GoldenGate
      1. Configure and Register the Initial-Load Extract Process
      2. Configure and Register the Initial-Load Replicat Process
      3. Instantiate the Target Database with the Configured GoldenGate Processes
    7. Configuring the GoldenGate Replicat Process
      1. Creating the Replicat Parameter File
      2. Registering the Replicat Process
      3. Administering the Replicat Process
  14. Chapter 6: GoldenGate Multitarget and Cascading Replication
    1. Configuring Multitarget Replication
      1. Configure the GoldenGate Manager Process on the New Target Server
      2. Add the New Target Database to an Existing or New Data Pump Extract
    2. Configuring Cascading Replication
  15. Chapter 7: GoldenGate Multimaster Replication
    1. Before You Configure Bidirectional Replication
      1. The Application and Bidirectional Replication
      2. The Trusted Source
      3. Keys Are Important (Also Keeping SKs Unique)
      4. Triggers
      5. Cascaded Deletes
      6. Loops
      7. Conflict Detection and Resolution
      8. Other Bidirectional Replication Issues
    2. Example of Configuring a Bidirectional Replication
      1. Configure the GoldenGate Extract Processes
      2. Configure the GoldenGate Data Pump Extract Processes
      3. Configure the Replicat Process for Both the ORCL.HR Schemas
      4. Instantiate the GOLDENGATE2.ORCL.HR Schema
      5. Create a Conflict Handler
      6. Start Replication in Both Directions
  16. Chapter 8: Advanced Features
    1. Advanced Configuration
      1. Checkpoint Tables
      2. Securing Your Environment
    2. Filtering Your Data
      1. Filtering Tables
      2. Filtering Rows
    3. Mapping Column Data
      1. Table-Level Column Mapping
      2. Global Mapping
    4. Executing SQL
      1. SQLEXEC as an Option for TABLE or MAP
      2. sqlexec as a Standalone Statement
      3. Scheduling sqlexec
    5. Configuring for RAC
      1. Where to Install
      2. How to Capture Changes
      3. Synchronizing Nodes
      4. Threads
      5. Connecting
    6. Configuring for ASM
      1. Modify the Listener
      2. Modify the tnsnames.ora File
      3. Modify the Extract Parameter File
    7. Error Handling
  17. Chapter 9: Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Real Application Clusters
    1. Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)
    2. Disaster Recovery, High Availability, and Replication
    3. Installing GoldenGate in a RAC Environment
    4. Configuring the Application Virtual IP Address
    5. Creating an Action Script
    6. Clusterware Registration
    7. Basic Administration of the GoldenGate Application
  18. Chapter 10: GoldenGate for MySQL
    1. Installing GoldenGate for MySQL
      1. Preparing for the Installation of GoldenGate on a MySQL Database Server
      2. Installing GoldenGate for MySQL on a MySQL Database Server
    2. Oracle to MySQL GoldenGate Replication
      1. Setting Up the MySQL Database
      2. Creating the GoldenGate Schema on MySQL
      3. Performing the Initial Load from Oracle to MySQL
      4. Creating the Definition File
      5. Initial Loading of the MySQL Schema
      6. Creating the Oracle Extract Process and the MySQL Replicat Process
    3. Replicating from MySQL to Oracle
      1. Defining the Objects and Generating the Definitions
      2. Initial Population of the Oracle Table from MySQL Using GoldenGate
      3. Configuring Replication Between MySQL and Oracle
  19. Chapter 11: Introducing Oracle GoldenGate for SQL Server
    1. Installing and Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for SQL Server
      1. Hardware Requirements
      2. Windows Server Requirements
      3. SQL Server Requirements and Supported Features
      4. Target Database SQL Server Instance Configuration
    2. Installing Oracle GoldenGate for SQL Server on Windows
    3. Configuration
      1. Configuring the Manager Process
      2. Manager Parameters
    4. Managing Oracle GoldenGate for SQL Server
      1. Database Management Considerations with Oracle GoldenGate for SQL Server
      2. Configuring Basic GoldenGate Replication for SQL Server
    5. Advanced GoldenGate for SQL Server
      1. Configuring Oracle GoldenGate in a Windows Clustering Environment
      2. Maintaining the Transaction Log Secondary Truncation Point When Extract Is Stopped
      3. IDENTITY Property on Columns in Multimaster Configurations
      4. Making DDL Changes to Existing Tables Configured for OGG
      5. The ALTARCHIVELOGDEST Extract Parameter
  20. Chapter 12: Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Performance Tuning GoldenGate
    1. Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate
      1. GUI-Based Tools
      2. GGSCI
    2. Troubleshooting
      1. Common Methodology
      2. Commonly Used Diagnostic Tools
      3. Common Extract Performance and Error Issues
      4. Common Replicat Issues
      5. Hung Processes
      6. Taking It Further
    3. Performance Tuning
      1. Tuning the Initial Load
      2. GoldenGate Lag
      3. Before You Begin
      4. Extract Lag
      5. Pump Lag
      6. Replicat Lag
      7. Parallelization
  21. Chapter 13: Oracle GoldenGate Monitor and GoldenGate Director
    1. Oracle GoldenGate Monitor
      1. Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Architecture
      2. Oracle GoldenGate Instance Prep
      3. Using Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Server
    2. Oracle GoldenGate Director
      1. The GoldenGate Director Architecture
  22. Chapter 14: Zero-Downtime Upgrades and Migrations Using Oracle GoldenGate
    1. Zero Downtime Methodology
      1. Failback Option
  23. Chapter 15: Oracle GoldenGate Veridata
    1. Veridata Functionality
    2. Configuring and Using Oracle GoldenGate Veridata
      1. Oracle GoldenGate Veridata Web
      2. Running Comparisons on the Command Line
  24. Chapter 16: Oracle GoldenGate Integration Options
    1. Using GoldenGate to Create a File for a Database Utility to Use
    2. Oracle GoldenGate for Flat File
    3. Installing Oracle GoldenGate Flat File
    4. The Oracle GoldenGate Flat File Infrastructure
    5. Types of Flat Files That Can Be Created
      1. DSV Files
      2. LDV Files
    6. The User Exit Properties File
    7. The Writer Process
      1. Defining the Writers
      2. Defining the Writer Mode
      3. Defining the Output File Name
      4. Defining Rollover Attributes
      5. Other Writer Output File Property Settings
      6. Configuring File Data Content Properties
      7. Including Meta File in Your Datafile Output
      8. Including Statistics in Your Datafile Output
      9. Including Statistics in Your Datafile Output
    8. Other API Interfaces into GoldenGate
  25. Chapter 17: GoldenGate 11.2 New Features
    1. New and Expanded Support for Database Platforms
    2. Globalization
    3. Security
    4. Intelligent Conflict Resolution
    5. Network Performance Improvements
    6. Integrated Capture
      1. GoldenGate and Compressed Data
      2. GoldenGate and Extract Memory
    7. Downstream Capture
    8. Finally: A RAC-Related Change
  26. Index

Product information

  • Title: Oracle GoldenGate 11g Handbook
  • Author(s): Robert Freeman
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): McGraw Hill Computing
  • ISBN: 9780071790895