Replicating data from an active standby database in Archivelog mode only

In this recipe you will learn how to set up a GoldenGate configuration to replicate the data from the archived logs on an active standby database.

Getting ready

The setup used for this recipe consists of a primary database called DBORATES running on prim1-ol6-112. A physical standby database for DBORATES has been created with Oracle Active Dataguard on stdprim1-ol6-112. The standby database is configured to write its archived logs to /u01/app/oracle/fast_recovery_area/STDDB. The target database called TGORTEST is running on stdby1-ol6-112. GoldenGate binaries are already installed on stdprim1-ol6-112 and stdby1-ol6-112 and a Manager process has been set up on both of these ...

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