Initialization Parameters

The remainder of this chapter describes the Oracle initialization parameters. We show the parameter names here in uppercase for readability, but you can specify parameters in upper, lower, or mixed case in the parameter file.


In addition to the initialization parameters listed in this chapter, which apply to most Oracle systems, some additional parameters are specific to a particular hardware platform or operating system. These parameters are documented in the Installation Guide, User Guide, and/or Release Notes for your release of Oracle.

We’ve grouped the parameters presented in the following sections in a number of functional categories; within each category, they are listed alphabetically. We’ve arranged the parameters this way because you will frequently use a group of parameters to control a particular area of operation, such as auditing or job management. If you need to find a particular parameter, however, check the index; you’ll find an alphabetical listing of all parameters under “initialization parameters.”

These functional categories are:

Auditing                           National Language Support (NLS) Backup and recovery                Optimization and performance Clustered databases                Oracle Trace Cursors                            Parallel execution Database links                     Parameters Distributed operations and         PL/SQL   Heterogeneous Services           Remote sites I/O and space management           Rollback (undo/redo) management ...

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