Keywords and clauses


Uses the same syntax as the address_info for TNSNAMES.ORA described earlier. In addition to the keywords listed for each protocol, LISTENER.ORA address_info for TCP/IP also accepts:

QUEUESIZE = number

Specifies the number of concurrent connection requests a listener can accept on a TCP/IP listening endpoint. This keyword must be the last one in the address_info. The default for number is 5 on Sun SPARC Solaris and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and 60 on Windows NT 4.0 Server.


Used for IIOP (Internet Intra-Orb Protocol) communication to the Java option in the database. This parameter was new in Oracle8i.


For Oracle8i and Oracle9i, instances automatically register themselves with their listeners at startup. For Oracle8 and previous versions, as well as for external procedure calls or Heterogeneous Services, you will need to use this clause to statically configure services for the listener.


The following parameters are allowed for a statically configured SID (Oracle system identifier), each enclosed in parentheses.

ENVS = "variable = value [,variable = value . . .]"

Allows you to set environment variables for the listener; these are set prior to executing a dedicated server program or a program specified with the PROGRAM parameter. This parameter will not work with Windows NT, as any process spawned by the listener will inherit the listener’s environment and variables. ...

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