CREATE PROFILE profile_name LIMIT {resource_parameter | password_parameter}

Allows you to create a profile and assign different types of resource limits to the profile. You can specify multiple parameters for a role.

Keywords—all parameters

The following values can be used for both resource and password parameters, unless specified otherwise in the parameter descriptions:


Specifies no limit for the particular parameter.


Specifies that the parameter assumes the value specified for the DEFAULT profile. Initially, all values for the DEFAULT profile are specified as UNLIMITED. You can change the values for the DEFAULT profile with the ALTER PROFILE statement.

resource_parameter | password_parameter

For resource parameters, the value is an integer. For password parameters, the value is an expression.

Keywords—resource parameters

Except as noted, if a user attempts to perform an operation that exceeds any of the resource limits, Oracle aborts the operation, rolls back the current statement, returns an error, and leaves the transaction intact.


Limits the number of concurrent sessions for the user.


Limits the CPU time for a user session, in hundredths of seconds.


Limits the CPU time for an individual call by the user, in hundredths of seconds.


Limits the total elapsed time for a session for the user, in minutes. If a user exceeds this parameter, Oracle rolls back the current transaction and ends ...

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