Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Developer's Guide

Book Description

Create Modern, Enterprise Mobile Apps with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Create and deploy high-performance enterprise mobile applications using the hands-on information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Written by a director of product management within Oracle’s platform-as-a-service group, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Developer’s Guide features a start-to-finish case study application that clearly demonstrates key techniques and features. Learn how to set up mobile back ends, work with native SDKs, build custom APIs, and deliver best-in-class mobile services with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator and enterprise mobile solutions are fully covered in this comprehensive resource.

•Explore the features and benefits of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

•Work from the command line, within Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, and native platform IDEs

•Visually describe business objects using REST API for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

•Perform CRUD operations on the back end and client side

•Develop mobile applications using SDKs for iOS and Android

•Build a cross-platform client with Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator

•Monitor and administer Oracle Mobile Cloud Service in enterprises of all sizes

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. PART IIntroduction and Backend Service Development
    1. 1 Welcome to the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Developer’s Guide
      1. A Brief History of Application Development
        1. Clients and Servers and Middleware, Oh My!
        2. The WinTel Age
        3. The Rise of the Web
        4. Mobile Changes Everything, Again
      2. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
        1. Types of MCS Users/Personas
      3. How This Book Is Organized
      4. Summary
    2. 2 An Oracle MCS Feature Overview
      1. Requesting a Trial Account
      2. The Oracle MCS Home Page
      3. Inside MCS
        1. Mobile Backends
        2. APIs
        3. Connectors
        4. Analytics
        5. Administration
      4. Summary
    3. 3 Introducing the Sample App: Sweet Suites Launches Surf Shack
      1. The Scenario and Requirements
      2. User Personas and User Stories
        1. Jeff, the Hobbyist Surfer and Property Tenant/Renter
        2. Kelly, the Professional Surfer and Property Owner
        3. Nancy, the Property Manager
        4. Using Personas and User Stories to Design the App
      3. Business Objects
      4. User Flows and Business Object Interaction
      5. Multitier Division of Labor
      6. Summary
    4. 4 Creating and Testing Custom APIs
      1. REST in MCS
        1. Creating a Custom API with Node.js and Express Framework
      2. Defining a Custom API in MCS
        1. The Cloud Development Cycle
      3. Implementing a Custom API
        1. Optimizing the Development Cycle with JavaScript Scaffolds
        2. Debugging MCS Applications with Logs
        3. Working with RAML
      4. Summary
    5. 5 Working with Mobile Backends
      1. A Tour of the Mobile Backend
        1. Mobile Backend Dashboard
      2. Settings
        1. Making an Anonymous REST API Call
      3. Managing Users
        1. Accessing a Role-Protected API Using Basic Auth
        2. Accessing a Role-Protected API Using OAuth
      4. Storage
        1. Managing Storage Within the MCS User Interface
        2. Working with Storage APIs
      5. Diagnostics
        1. The Mobile Diagnostics User Interface
      6. Summary
    6. 6 Using the Express API Editor
      1. Creating the Custom APIs for Surf Shack
        1. Defining Business Objects with CRUD Using the Express API Editor
        2. Using Sample Data to Generate Business Object Definitions
        3. Editing the Business Object
      2. The Express API Implementation
      3. Summary
    7. 7 Implementing CRUD in a Mobile Backend
      1. Performing CRUD Operations on the User Business Object
        1. Creating a User Business Object
        2. Using the database.insert API to Add a Row to the Table
        3. Reading and Updating a User Business Object
        4. Deleting the User Business Object
      2. CRUD in MCS Review
      3. Summary
  10. PART IIMobile Client App Development
    1. 8 Developing Mobile Apps
      1. Types of Clients
        1. Multichannel Web
        2. Device-Resident Web
        3. Native SDK
        4. Cross-Platform Library
      2. Mobile-Specific Features
        1. Location
        2. Offline Storage and Sync
        3. Notifications
      3. Summary
    2. 9 Creating a MAX Application
      1. A Tour of the MAX User Interface
        1. Application Screens
        2. Components
      2. Data Binding with an MCS Mobile Backend
        1. Updating a Record Within MAX
      3. Creating and Deleting a List Item
        1. Screen Flow
        2. Application Settings
      4. Deploying a MAX App
        1. Testing a MAX App Before Deployment
        2. Deploying a MAX App to a Device
      5. Summary
    3. 10 Creating an Android Application
      1. Using the “Putting It All Together” Tutorial
      2. Setting Up the Mobile Backend
      3. Setting Up an Android Device and Deploying/Debugging the App
      4. Looking at the Code
      5. Summary
    4. 11 Creating an iOS Application
      1. iOS App Development
      2. Setting Up Your iOS App
        1. Build and Deploy to a Simulator
        2. Build and Deploy to a Device
        3. A Closer Look at the Project
      3. Logging into MCS from iOS
      4. Working with Offline Collections
      5. Summary
  11. PART IIIMCS in the Enterprise
    1. 12 Enterprise Access and Administration
      1. Managing Users
        1. The Oracle Cloud My Services Portal
        2. My Services Dashboard
        3. Users Within My Services
        4. Users Within MCS
      2. Accessing Services Through MCS
        1. MCS Connectors
        2. Other Connectors
      3. Monitoring and Analyzing Performance
        1. Service Dashboard
        2. Notifications
      4. Summary
  12. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Developer's Guide
  • Author(s): John Thomas
  • Release date: July 2017
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9781259862038