Using Oracle Names

Oracle Names is Oracle’s older software that implements a centralized naming service. Instead of defining net service names in tnsnames.ora files that reside on each client, you can define them once to a centralized name server. See Chapter 2 and Chapter 7 for more details.

To configure Oracle Names on a client, you need to perform the following tasks:

  • Choose Oracle Names as a naming method

  • Tell your client which Names servers to use

  • Configure other Oracle Names related settings

You’ve already seen how to choose which naming methods to use earlier in this chapter in Section 3.3. If you choose to use Oracle Names, your client must know which Names servers to use.

Identifying Names Servers

In order for a client to use Oracle Names, it has to know about the Oracle Names servers that are out on the network. You can define these Names servers manually, or you can automatically discover them using either the Names Control utility or the Net8 Assistant. Automatic discovery is the easiest approach, but it only works if you have configured your Names servers using the following well-known Oracle Names server addresses:


In addition, the discovery process only finds Names servers that are in your particular domain. If ...

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