Database Initialization File Changes

MTS is configured in your instance parameter file (INIT.ORA), and not in listener.ora or any other of the Net8 configuration files. At first this may seem rather odd, but it makes some sense. The dispatcher and shared server processes are tied to the instance—they are actually considered part of the instance, so it makes sense to configure them in the same place that you configure the rest of the instance.


The specific initialization parameters used to configure MTS have changed significantly over the past several releases of Oracle. This chapter focuses on MTS configuration for Oracle8i.

The following initialization parameters are the ones you need to set, or modify, when configuring an instance for MTS:


Implementing MTS can be as simple as adding one or more MTS_DISPATCHERS parameters to your instance parameter file, and then stopping and restarting your instance. It’s likely, however, that you’re going to want to adjust some of these other parameters as well, as described in the following sections.


MTS_DISPATCHERS is the key initialization parameter that you need to set in order to implement MTS. The syntax is similar to what is used in Net8 configuration files such as the listener.ora file—you end up with a list of name/value pairs that are enclosed within parentheses.

MTS_DISPATCHERS for standard connections

In a very simple case, you can enable ...

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