Managing a Names Server

Oracle Names servers can be managed using either Net8 Assistant’s GUI interface or the Names Control utility. Names servers may also be managed remotely. By that we mean that it’s possible for one machine to manage a Names server on a remote machine.

The Names Control Utility

Names Control is a command-line interface that is, in many respects, similar to the Listener Control utility. You invoke Names Control using the command namesctl , as shown in this example:

[oracle@donna names]$ namesctl

Oracle Names Control for Linux: Version - 
Production on 30-JUL-2000 17:52:04

(c) Copyright 1998, 1999, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Currently managing name server "oranamesrvr1"
Version banner is "Oracle Names for Linux: Version - Production"

Welcome to NAMESCTL, type "help" for information.


From the Names Control prompt, you can issue commands to manage your Names servers. Use the HELP command to get help and either the QUIT command or the EXIT command to exit the utility.

Like Listener Control, Names Control also supports the execution of commands directly from the operating-system command prompt. When you invoke the Names Control utility, you can follow the namesctl command with any valid Names Control command. Names Control will start, execute the command that you specified, and immediately exit. For example:

[oracle@donna names]$ namesctl PING Oracle Names Control for Linux: Version - Production ...

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