Managing Connection Manager

Like other Net8 components, Connection Manager has a control utility—in this case, Connection Manager Control (the executable name is cmctl ). Use cmctl to start and stop Connection Manager, check status, examine current connections, and to perform the other tasks described in this section.

The command set implemented by cmctl is similar to, but more limited than, that implemented by namesctl and lsnrctl. As with the other two utilities, you can pass commands to cmctl on the command line, or you can enter them at the cmctl command prompt. While it’s not well documented, you can even use the @ command from within cmctl to execute commands from a text file.

Starting and Stopping Connection Manager

You start and stop Connection Manager using the Connection Manager Control utility’s START and STOP commands. The following example shows cmctl being invoked, and then the START command being used to start Connection Manager:

[oracle@donna oracle]$ cmctl

CMCTL for Linux: Version - Production on 14-AUG-2000 09:57:26

(c) Copyright 1998, 1999, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Welcome to CMCTL, type "help" for information.

ADMIN Status:
CMAN Status:
(STATUS=(VERSION= 09:57:30)(STATE=running))

In response to the START command, Connection Manager Control has started both the admin process and the gateway process. Then it displays ...

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