Chapter 11. Solutions to Common Problems

This chapter provides solutions—or at least suggested lines of inquiry—for resolving common problems you might encounter while using Net8 and its various components. The material is divided into several major sections:

  • Net8 general problems

  • Connection Manager problems

  • Multi-threaded server problems

  • Oracle Names problems

We trust that you realize it’s not possible for us to provide the solution for every problem that we mention. Sometimes the best we can do is suggest a possible course of investigation for you to follow. Also, do realize that our solution may not be your solution. Symptoms can be deceiving—two people may experience the same set of symptoms, yet the root cause of those symptoms may be different for each person.

Net8 General Problems

This section describes common Net8 problems that aren’t related to a specific component, such as Connection Manager or Oracle Names.

Net8 Cannot Resolve a Service Name


You try to connect to a database instance and the connection fails with the following message:

ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name

Possible solution

This is probably the most commonly experienced Net8 problem. The error message tells you that Net8 was unable to look up a definition for the net service name that you provided. The solution is to follow what we refer to as the connectivity path until you find the source of the problem. Refer to Chapter 10, for an extensive discussion of this issue.

Windows Prompts to Make a Dial-up ...

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