Chapter 1

PL/SQL and Your Database

In This Chapter

bullet Getting to know relational databases

bullet Understanding database terminology

bullet Finding out about Oracle

bullet Using SQL and PL/SQL

bullet Discovering what PL/SQL is good for

PL/SQL is an extension to the industry-standard SQL language. Oracle Corporation developed PL/SQL and released the first version in 1991. PL/SQL is an easy-to-use procedural language that interacts seamlessly with the Oracle database. Server-side PL/SQL is part of the Oracle database and needs no explicit installation or licensing.

This chapter introduces you to PL/SQL and provides some basics about relational databases.

Knowing Just Enough about Relational Databases

Building a system in Oracle or some other relational database product does not automatically make it a relational database. Similarly, you can design a perfectly good relational database and implement it in something other than a relational database product. We discuss two important areas:

What do people mean by ...

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