Standards for Accounts

You need to determine the mechanism for the creation of new accounts. There are many possible mechanisms. One form of account creation that is gaining popularity is for a company to enable “restricted” access to their sites on the World Wide Web. A person who wants to access a more privileged area of a web site might be required to register with that site through electronic registration. The person is presented with a form requesting his name, company name, address, email address, and other information. He might be prompted to select a username and password. He submits the completed form and, within some space of time, receives in his email account an acknowledgment that he has registered, along with notification or verification of a username and a password for his use in accessing the site. At no time has the person seen or talked to a human being, but he has now been authorized as a user on a system.

In this example of web site access, we are not judging the procedure or security. (If we were, we might question sending a password via email.) We are merely outlining a general method of a request for an account in which the requester and the administrator have never seen or spoken with each other. Other forms of more anonymous account requests would be via telephone voice mail or electronic mail. On a more personal level, a meeting might be held between the administrator and the requester.

Possible Account Requests

The policy team or higher-level management ...

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