Using WS-Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) with WS transport

In this recipe, we will create a one-way (fire and forget) proxy service that contains a long running WS-RM (Reliable Messagng) policy and test this WS-RM policy in a JDeveloper web service proxy client.

We will use the WS transport, which implements both inbound and outbound requests for SOAP-based services with a WS-RM policy.

Getting ready

For this recipe, we will use a setup with a very simple proxy service based on a WSDL containing only a one-way operation. For the WS-RM client we will use JDeveloper.

You can import the OSB project into Eclipse from \chapter-10\getting-ready\using-reliable-msg-with-ws-transport.

How to do it...

First, let's change the proxy service to use the WS transport ...

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