Installing Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite is installed on a shared storage. Follow the next steps to install Oracle SOA Suite:

  1. On SOAHOST1, start the SOA installer:
    $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -d64 -jar $SOFTWARE_DIR/fmw_12.
  2. In the Inventory Directory field, enter /u01/share/oracle/oraInventory and then click on OK.
  3. Click on Next.
  4. In the Oracle Home field, enter the value for [ORACLE_HOME] (for example, /u01/share/oracle/middleware/products/fmw1213) and then click on Next.
  5. Select SOA Suite and then click on Next.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Click on Install.
  8. Click on Finish once the installation is done.

Creating Oracle SOA Suite database schemas

To create the SOA database schemas, use the following steps:

  1. On SOAHOST1, start the RCU:

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