Replacing Devices in a Storage Pool

If a drive fails and it is no longer visible to the system, the device should be treated as a damaged device. It might first appear as FAULTED in a zpool list as follows:

# zpool list<cr>NAME    SIZE   ALLOC      FREE      CAP      DEDUP     HEALTH      ALTROOTpool1      -       -         -        -          -    FAULTED      -rpool  15.9G   13.9G     1.94G      87%      1.00x     ONLINE      -

The first step is to examine the error counts in the zpool status output. I’ll review the status output for pool1 as follows:

# zpool status –v pool1<cr>  pool:   pool1 state:   UNAVAILstatus:   One or more devices could not be opened. There are insufficient ...

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