Creating, administering, and using a virtual network in a zone

I love this recipe because here, we are going to use the main feature of zones in Oracle Solaris 11 virtual networks. Concisely, we are going to create and configure the following scenario:

  • zone1 | vnic1 ( | vswitch1 (etherstub) | net0 (
  • zone2 | vnic2 ( | vswitch1 (etherstub) | net0 (

Each zone connects to its respective virtual network interface (VNIC), and both VNICs go to the same etherstub (a kind of a virtual switch). Because of this, etherstub requires a virtual interface (vnic0). Finally, etherstub connects to a real interface (net0). The zonepath property for each zone and other properties are as follows:

  • zonepath zone1: /myzones/zone1 ...

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