Troubleshooting Oracle Solaris 11 services

In this last section of the chapter, you're going to learn how to troubleshoot a service that's presenting an error and how to fix a corrupted repository.

Getting ready

To following the recipe, it'll be necessary to have a virtual machine (using VirtualBox or VMware) with Oracle Solaris 11 installed and 4 GB RAM.

How to do it…

The main role of an administrator is to keep everything working well. The best way to analyze the system is by running the following command:

root@solaris11-1:~# svcs –xv

For now, there isn't a problem in the system, but we can simulate one. For example, in the next step, we will break the gedit_script service by taking out a semicolon from its script, as follows:

root@solaris11-1:~# ...

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