Configuring and using RBAC

Before explaining and implementing the RBAC feature, it is necessary to remember why RBAC is necessary and, afterwards, to learn some fundamental concepts.

According to our previous study on Oracle Solaris 11, it would not be possible for a normal user to reboot an Oracle Solaris 11 system, as shown in the following command:

root@solaris11-1:~# useradd -d /export/home/aborges -m -s /bin/bash aborges
80 blocks
root@solaris11-1:~# passwd aborges
New Password: hacker123!
Re-enter new Password: hacker123!
passwd: password successfully changed for aborges
root@solaris11-1:~# su - aborges
Oracle Corporation  SunOS 5.11  11.1  September 2012
aborges@solaris11-1:~$ reboot
reboot: permission denied

A simple and ...

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