Basic PL/SQL

In this chapter:

  • What is PL/SQL?

  • What are variables and PL/SQL datatypes?

  • What are procedures, functions, triggers, and packages?

  • How is data retrieved from the database using PL/SQL?

  • What programming control structures exist in PL/SQL?

  • What is dynamic or generic SQL?

This chapter covers basic reference material and examples on how to write programs in PL/SQL. It should be noted that the PL/SQL is a wrapper extension of Oracle SQL in that its original purpose was that of database access only. However, in recent years, PL/SQL has been expanded voluminously to become more of a programming language.

24.1 What is PL/SQL?

PL/SQL is an acronym for Programming Language/SQL. Structured Query Language (SQL) is a scripting language. A ...

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