Use loadjava to create schema objects from file types such as .java, .class, .sqlj, and so on.


loadjava {-user|-u} userid/password[@database_URL]
[option_list] file_list

option_list ::= {
    |-dirprefix prefix
    |-encoding encoding_scheme
    |-fileout file
    |-genmissingjar jar_file
    |-g[rant] user , user...
    |-optionfile file
    |-optiontable table_name
    |-publish package
    |-pubmain number
    |[-R | -resolver] "resolver_spec"
    |{-S | -schema} schema
    |-tableschema schema
    |-v[erbose] }



Performs all actions, such as creating schema objects, grant privileges, and so on. This is normally used in the command line to override -noaction in an option file.


Compiles the uploaded source files and resolves each class file as it is loaded. This option is mutually exclusive with -resolve.


Publishes case-sensitive names.


Revokes any existing grants of execute privilege before it grants execute privilege to the users and roles specified by the -grant operand.


Generates and displays debugging information as the classes are loaded.


Specifies that the methods ...

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