AASM (Automatic Segment Space Management), 82

accounting, OWI, 47

actions, multiple, 284–285

active sessions

Active Session History. See ASH (Active Session History)

defining, 253

EM access to ADDM, 261–263, 268–269

ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor), 259–273

comparing to previous tools, 242–243

EM access to, 261–270

home page, 265

for individual user response times, 260

manual reports, 270–273

overview of, 259–260

setup, 260–261

views, 273

addmrpti.sql script, 271–272

Advisor Central home page, Oracle EM Database Control, 264–265

AIOWAIT, 133–134

AIX operating system

DBWR write times, 133

RAC network protocols, 225

alert logs

checking interconnect protocol, 226

viewing enqueue resources, 231


backoff sleep, 146

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