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O'Reilly Design Conference 2016 - San Francisco, California: Video Compilation

Video Description

Design the Future

How can you shape a better world through design? Take a deep dive into the inaugural O’Reilly Design Conference in San Francisco with this complete video compilation and discover new trends, tools, and possibilities driving digital and product design. You’ll have access to conference keynotes, workshops, informative demonstrations, and inspiring and practical presentations.

With this video, you can explore an array of essential topics delivered by more than 70 design innovators. The O’Reilly Design Conference revolved around three primary themes: the new design fundamentals; design in business; and designing for greater good. Presentations from design leaders such as Robert Bruner (Ammunition), Margaret Stewart (Facebook), and Tony Fadell (Nest) will stoke your passion, enhance your skills, and expand your knowledge of design’s many aspects, from the practical to the philosophical.

The O'Reilly Design Conference video compilation includes nearly every session in these areas:

  • The new fundamentals: Take your skills to the next level with presentations on industrial design, information architecture, user research, prototyping for connected devices, designing secure experiences, and UX for the IoT.
  • Design and business: Master the topics that enable you to play a crucial role in your organization’s success—selling your design concepts, designing for conversion and performance, leadership, branding, metrics, and analytics.
  • Design for a greater good: Learn how design can have positive social impact in such areas as education, government, healthcare, sustainability, and more, for the good of the global community.

Design doesn’t stand still. Neither should you. This video will prepare you to shape the future today.

Table of Contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. A new approach to design thinking - Doug Powell (IBM Design) 00:10:30
    2. Elegant tools: Why B2B and enterprise design is the next frontier of design impact - Margaret Stewart (Facebook) 00:21:40
    3. Inneract Project: Bringing design to the community - Maurice Woods (Inneract Project) 00:10:21
    4. Design is a process, not an event - Robert Brunner (Ammunition) 00:18:06
    5. Balancing chaos and order when designing for offline and online - Katie Dill (Airbnb) 00:18:22
    6. Breaking the habit: The art of noticing the world around us and making it better - Tony Fadell (Nest) and Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media) 00:31:11
    7. Designing the Internet of Things - Carl Bass (Autodesk) 00:14:33
    8. Getting to good - Erika Hall (Mule Design) 00:15:19
    9. The best job in the world - Bob Baxley (Independent) 00:19:03
    10. Design salary survey - Roger Magoulas (O'Reilly Media) 00:06:24
    11. Design, diversity, and the luxury of attention - Danyel Smith (HRDCVR) 00:15:59
    12. Redesign government: A conversation between Tim O'Reilly and Mike Bracken - Mike Bracken (Co-operative Group) and Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media) 00:31:02
  2. Design for a greater good
    1. Dialogues, not dialogs - Alexis Lloyd (The New York Times R&D Lab) 00:34:24
    2. Codesigning a better shoe-shopping experience with elders - Danielle Latman (Lextant) and Sapna Singh (The Ohio State University) 00:43:50
    3. Design’s responsibility: Time well spent - Tristan Harris (Google) 00:38:22
    4. Understanding cities: Designing for scale - Paul McConnell (Intersection) and Mike Clare (Intersection) 00:43:46
    5. Incubating sustainability: Fostering collaborative, data-driven design in developing-world contexts - Xiaowei R. Wang (Mapbox) 00:29:23
    6. Driving measurable impact: Designing with data for social impact - Gretchen Anderson (Independent), Jay Primus (SFPark), Susan Dybbs (Collective Health), and Danielle Malik (Design Equation) 00:40:51
    7. Designing for evil - Brandon Harris (Gaijin.com) 00:41:34
    8. The difficulties of driving design thinking in a large organization - Ben Terrett (Co-operative Group) 00:32:57
  3. Design and business
    1. Panel: Design and venture capital - John Maeda (KPCB) , Irene Au (Khosla Ventures) , Jeff Veen (True Ventures) , Dayna Grayson (NEA) , and Enrique Allen (Designer Fund) 00:36:01
    2. Extreme industrial disruption: Design in highly regulated industries - Dan Watson (Satellite Application Catapult) 00:23:28
    3. Money by design - Joe Robinson (Circle) 00:52:28
    4. Physical + digital: The emergence of smart spaces - Darren David (Stimulant) and Jennifer Kolstad (HKS) 00:43:51
    5. From design thinking to design driven - Suzanne Pellican (Intuit QuickBooks) 00:51:07
    6. Team-based personas: A new look at personas for the enterprise context - Julia Zorzanello Byron (IBM Corporation) and Omkar Chandgadkar (IBM Corporation) 00:39:32
  4. The new fundamentals
    1. The empathy gap - Dan Hon (Code for America) 00:48:23
    2. Measuring hard-to-measure things - Chrissie Brodigan (GitHub) 00:40:22
    3. Prototyping for physical and digital products - Kathryn McElroy (IBM Watson) 00:39:38
    4. Direct manipulation is broken: Why the IoT asks consumers to think like programmers and the UX challenges this creates - Claire Rowland (Independent) 00:42:19
    5. How to discuss design without losing your mind - Adam Connor (Mad*Pow) 00:39:00
    6. How we talk and how machines listen - Abi Jones (Google) 00:33:19
    7. Practical creativity - Dan Saffer (Mayfield Robotics) 00:36:19
    8. Understanding industrial design: Principles for UX and interaction design - Simon King (CMU Design Center) 00:39:44
    9. Making sentiment surveys practical - Judd Antin (Airbnb) 00:39:08
    10. From AI to IA: How AI and architecture created contemporary interaction - Molly Steenson (Carnegie Mellon University) 00:37:49
    11. Great products begin with great cultures - Steve Johnson (LinkedIn) 00:41:08
    12. Zen and the art of motion in user interfaces - Mike Gadow (Fjord) and Russell Wilkins (Uber) 00:38:56
    13. Design at GoPro: Capturing the physical world to tell your story in a digital space - Vanessa Cho (GoPro) and Wesley Yun (GoPro) 00:35:43
    14. Give a hoot! Mapping (and caring for) the semantic environment - Jorge Arango (Futuredraft) 00:47:42
    15. Drawing solutions: How to visually communicate for better results - Patti Dobrowolski (Up Your Creative Genius) 00:33:26
    16. Your friendly robot companions: Design for messaging and chat - Ben Brown (XOXCO) 00:51:22
    17. I hear voices: Explorations of multidevice experiences with conversational assistants - Karen Kaushansky (Zoox) 00:35:50
    18. Humanist interface: Aesthetics and usability - Eli Schiff (Consultant) 00:33:02
    19. Interaction considerations with virtual and augmented reality technology - Olivia Erickson (Microsoft) 00:34:22
    20. Making Zero UI: A design framework for invisible interfaces - Andy Goodman (Independent) 00:36:50
    21. UX for security: Perils of surveillance, pain of dashboards, and power of design - Ame Elliott (Simply Secure) 00:43:22
    22. When the cloud decides: Designing for predictive machine learning for the IoT - Mike Kuniavsky (PARC) 00:52:34
  5. Sponsored
    1. Design at scale - Doug Powell (IBM Design), Mirozlav Asis (IBM), and Omkar Chandgadkar (IBM Corporation) 00:42:26
    2. Demystifying service design - Erik Flowers (Intuit) 00:42:55
    3. How to be human: Balancing the art and science of product design - Maria Giudice (Autodesk), Scott Tong (Pinterest), Bo Lu (Pinterest), and James DeAngelis (Pinterest) 00:41:13
    4. Design impact - John Edson (LUNAR) 00:44:01
  6. Workshops
    1. Designing with data - Pamela Pavliscak (Change Sciences) - Part 1 1:05:02
    2. Designing with data - Pamela Pavliscak (Change Sciences) - Part 2 00:54:46
    3. Designing with data - Pamela Pavliscak (Change Sciences) - Part 3 00:18:29
    4. Crafting the discovery phase: First steps in effective UX projects - Dan Brown (EightShapes) - Part 1 1:07:26
    5. Crafting the discovery phase: First steps in effective UX projects - Dan Brown (EightShapes) - Part 2 00:58:20
    6. Crafting the discovery phase: First steps in effective UX projects - Dan Brown (EightShapes) - Part 3 00:26:01
    7. Fundamentals of voice-interface design - Tanya Kraljic (Nuance Communications) - Part 1 00:49:48
    8. Fundamentals of voice-interface design - Tanya Kraljic (Nuance Communications) - Part 2 00:39:55
    9. Fundamentals of voice-interface design - Tanya Kraljic (Nuance Communications) - Part 3 00:53:35
    10. Fundamentals of voice-interface design - Tanya Kraljic (Nuance Communications) - Part 4 00:29:17
    11. Design sprints for product kickoff - C Todd Lombardo (Fresh Tilled Soil) - Part 1 00:39:38
    12. Design sprints for product kickoff - C Todd Lombardo (Fresh Tilled Soil) - Part 2 00:32:19
    13. Sense and sensor ability - Alastair Somerville (Acuity Design) - Part 1 00:44:11
    14. Sense and sensor ability - Alastair Somerville (Acuity Design) - Part 2 00:32:26