O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference - London, UK 2018

Video description

SACON London 2018 was four days of guidance, exploration, and discovery on how to become—and remain—the best software architect you can possibly be. Featuring presentations by some of the world's top software architects, systems engineers, data architects, application architects, and DevOps pros, the conference focused on the tools, techniques, and leadership skills required to succeed in the evolving discipline of software architecture. This video compilation contains the best of SACON London 2018's technical sessions, tutorials, and keynotes with hours of material to explore and absorb at your own pace.

Highlights include:

  • Best Practices sessions, including Sabre CTO Eben Hewitt on the strategic business consulting patterns (SWOT, PESTEL, Futures Funnels, etc.) top architects use to create and persuasively communicate their technology strategies; API Academy's Erik Wilde on the needs and benefits of API labeling; and the Software Improvement Group's Yiannis Kanellopoulos and Evelyn van Kelle demonstrations of why happy developers and strong feedback loops create the best products.
  • Application architecture sessions, including BBC engineering wizards David Buckhurst and Ross Wilson on how the BBC develops its smart TV platforms; Agile-transformation guru Allen Holub's exploration of choreographed microservices systems and how they eliminate the problems associated with orchestrated systems; and CA Technologies' architecture director Mike Amundsen's tutorial on building adaptable microservices that take advantage of REST's best features.
  • Enterprise application sessions, including Michael Van Kleeck (Mozilla) on how to utilize the Mozilla City Map as a blueprint for developing architectures; Marco Emrich (OWL.institute) on how to get started with event-driven architecture; and BDD/DDD expert Zsofia Herendi's (Dealogic) tutorial on the techniques (event storming, systems thinking, promise theory, etc.) successful architects use to effectively design autonomous teams and services.
  • Sessions dedicated to microservices, including CA Technologies architecture director Mike Amundsen's look at the three types of microservices (stateless, data centric, and aggregator) and when to deploy them; Maria Gomez (ThoughtWorks) on observability as the best way to maintain microservices in production; and Jim Gough (Morgan Stanley) on how to think about APIs in the context of microservices and the differences between an API gateway and a service mesh.
  • Sessions devoted to software architecture leadership, including 30 year software engineering vet Maggie Carroll (Ausley) on she succeeds at leading software architecture teams and HS2 Solutions engineering VP on the processes and strategies he deploys to shape and communicate architecture to meet the differing needs of stakeholders like dev teams, designers, and business owners.
  • Sessions on distributed systems, cloud native, integration architecture, and serverless from pros like Janet Valbuena (WiFiSPARK Ltd), John Chapin (Symphonia), Pratik Patel (TripLingo), and more.

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. The challenges of migrating 150+ microservices to Kubernetes - Sarah Wells (Financial Times)
    2. Are microservices a security threat? - Liz Rice (Aqua Security)
    3. Potholes in the road from monolithic hell: Microservices adoption anti-patterns - Chris Richardson (Eventuate, Inc)
    4. Why software architects fail and what to do about it - Stefan Tilkov (INNOQ)
    5. Introducing serverless to your organization - Mike Roberts (Symphonia)
    6. Career advice for architects - Trisha Gee (JetBrains)
  2. Sponsored
    1. Ethics in tech: A psychological perspective on behavior and organizations (sponsored by Container Solutions) - Andrea Dobson-Kock (Container Solutions)
    2. When a CMS is not enough: Tales from a content infrastructure (sponsored by Contentful) - Stefan Judis (Contentful)
  3. Enterprise architecture
    1. Building APIs with microservices: Things I wish I’d known - Jim Gough (Morgan Stanley)
    2. Technology Strategy Patterns for Architects - Eben Hewitt (Sabre)
    3. Enterprise architecture for artificial intelligence - Kishau Rogers (bigThinking)
    4. Beyond the technical: Succeed at leading a software architecture team - Maggie Carroll (Ausley)
    5. Enterprise architecture at Mozilla: An astrolabe to guide the future - Michael Van Kleeck (Mozilla)
    6. Event streaming as a source of truth - Benjamin Stopford (Confluent)
    7. Three forms of async in microservices: Understanding the patterns - Irakli Nadareishvili (Capital One)
    8. Enclave-based Architecture: a blueprint for cloud-native financial institutions - Angelo Agatino Nicolosi (Danske Bank)
  4. Devops
    1. Architecting for TV - David Buckhurst (BBC), Ross Wilson (BBC)
    2. All the world's a staging server - Heidi Waterhouse (LaunchDarkly)
    3. An architect’s guide to leveraging your incumbency - Brad Topol (IBM)
    4. Turning request-response on its head - Cornelia Davis (Pivotal)
  5. Microservices
    1. Observable Microservices - Maria Gomez (ThoughtWorks)
    2. Your brain on software development - Fahran Wallace (OpenCredo)
    3. Practical Microservices - Marco Palladino (Kong Inc)
    4. Securing APIs in a microservice architecture - Rob Wilson (SailPoint Technologies)
    5. Building a maintainable architecture for software landscapes - Dennis Bijlsma (Software Improvement Group), Haiyun Xu (Software Improvement Group)
    6. Learning the Three Types of Microservices - Mike Amundsen (API Academy, CA Technologies)
    7. Scaling CQRS in theory, practice, and reality - Allard Buijze (AxonIQ), Nakul Mishra (Casumo)
  6. Fundamentals
    1. Why happy developers and strong feedback loops create the best products - Yiannis Kanellopoulos (Software Improvement Group), Evelyn van Kelle (Software Improvement Group)
    2. Redesigning a Data Platform While Avoiding The Pipeline Jungle - Leemay Nassery (Comcast)
    3. Sifting technologies: Separating the wheat from the chaff - Nathaniel Schutta (Pivotal)
  7. Application architecture
    1. How to build a modular monolith - Dan Haywood (Haywood Associates Ltd.)
    2. Choreographing Microservices - Allen Holub (Holub Associates)
    3. Using Continuous Delivery with Machine Learning to Tackle Fraud - Sarah LeBlanc (ThoughtWorks), Hany Elemary (ThoughtWorks)
    4. I shall say this only once - Szymon Pobiega (Particular Software)
    5. 7 Years of DDD: Tackling Complexity in Large-Scale Marketing Systems - Vladik Khononov (Naxex)
    6. Architecting for data-driven reliability - Yaniv Aknin (Google Cloud)
    7. How DAZN Scales Frontend Applications with Microfrontends - Luca Mezzalira (DAZN)
  8. Cloud native
    1. Putting microservices on a diet with Istio - Mario-Leander Reimer (QAware GmbH)
    2. Building Evolutionary Architectures - Neal Ford (Thoughtworks)
  9. Distributed systems
    1. Akka Cluster versus Kubernetes: A clustering solutions showdown - Adam Sandor (Container Solutions), Fabio Tiriticco (Fabway)
    2. May Contain Nuts: The Case for API Labeling - Erik Wilde (API Academy)
    3. Embracing stateful client-server communication in the era of serverless functions - Wenbo Zhu (Google)
    4. Three common pitfalls in microservice integration and how to avoid them - Bernd Rücker (Camunda)
  10. User experience design
    1. Distributed systems are a UX problem - Tyler Treat (Real Kinetic)
  11. Serverless
    1. Serverless architecture fundamentals - Pratik Patel (TripLingo)
    2. Implementing microservices as a serverless application - Nikhil Barthwal (Grand Central Tech)
    3. Documenting Serverless Architectures: Could We Do it Better? - Asher Sterkin (IRKI)
    4. Serverless Microservices at Fender Digital - Michael Garski (Fender Digital)
    5. Applying the principles of chaos to Serverless - Yan Cui (DAZN)
  12. Leadership skills
    1. How To Get the Best Out of Your Team as a Software Architect - Bulama Yusuf (Intellectual Apps)
    2. Adapting Teams to a New Architecture: Whether they know it or not - Mlungisi Duma (First National Bank)
    3. How to improve your architectural visualizations - Jochem Schulenklopper (Xebia)
    4. Ethical questions in software engineering - Rotem Hermon (SAP)
    5. Cloud native is about culture, not containers - Holly Cummins (IBM Cloud Garage)
  13. Security
    1. Leveraging Containers for Improved Security - Ashley Ward (Twistlock)
    2. Sundhed.dk's journey from monolith to GDPR-compliant microservices - Tobias Uldall-Espersen (Sundhed.dk), Thomas Krogsgaard Holme (Sundhed.dk)
  14. Tutorials
    1. Learning RESTful microservices from the ground up - Mike Amundsen (API Academy, CA Technologies) - Part 1
    2. Learning RESTful microservices from the ground up - Mike Amundsen (API Academy, CA Technologies) - Part 2
    3. Continuous delivery in an ephemeral world - John Chapin (Symphonia) - Part 1
    4. Continuous delivery in an ephemeral world - John Chapin (Symphonia) - Part 2
    5. Getting started with event-driven architecture - Marco Emrich (OWL.institute) - Part 1
    6. Getting started with event-driven architecture - Marco Emrich (OWL.institute) - Part 2
    7. Shaping and Communicating Architectural Decisions - Seth Dobbs (HS2 Solutions) - Part 1
    8. Shaping and Communicating Architectural Decisions - Seth Dobbs (HS2 Solutions) - Part 2
    9. Designing Autonomous Teams and Services - Nick Tune (Empathy Software), Zsofia Herendi (Dealogic) - Part 1
    10. Designing Autonomous Teams and Services - Nick Tune (Empathy Software), Zsofia Herendi (Dealogic) - Part 2
    11. Mapping a Domain Model to a RESTful Web API - Tom Hofte (Xebia), Marco van der Linden (Xebia)

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