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O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2019 - Berlin, Germany

Video Description

We’ll make the Keynotes available here as soon as possible after they happen. Video of the sessions and tutorials will be available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

Thousands of software architects, aspiring software architects, senior developers, system leads, tech leads, software engineers, data architects, and tech team managers came together at O’Reilly Media’s Software Architecture Conference Berlin 2019 to learn how to design, build, and improve the architectures that are the foundation of all modern software systems.

Who did the attendees learn from? They learned from experts like senior software architect Carola Lilienthal (Workplace Solutions), a 30-year software engineering vet, who broke down the causes and costs of technical debt and then outlined the ways to eliminate it. And they learned from site reliability expert Jibby Ayo-Ani (Welkin) as she described Google’s BeyondCorp, a new enterprise security model in cloud computing that every software architect needs to understand. These speakers and gave SACON Berlin 2019’s attendees what they hoped to receive: The knowledge and insights required to become the best software architects they could be.

Get this video compilation of SACON Berlin 2019 and you’ll gain the opportunity to increase your skill set and move forward in your software architecture career.

Highlights include:

  • Complete video coverage of SACON Berlin 2019’s best keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions—this compilation contains hours of SACON talks to study and absorb at your own pace and schedule.
  • Keynote addresses from software architecture’s most incisive thinkers, including Bosatsu Consulting President Brian Sletten, ThoughtWorks principal technology consultant Zhamak Dehghani, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Director of Ecosystem, Cheryl Hung.
  • Hands-on tutorials covering subjects like reusable information architecture; event storming for domain-driven design modeling; and building, specifying, and testing APIs with microservices.
  • Application Architecture sessions, including Patrick Kua (Chief Scientist, N26) on scaling out architectural decision-making during rapid growth; Vladik Khononov (Chief Architect, Naxex) on DDD’s most common mistakes; and Paddy Fagan (Chief Architect, IBM Watson Care Manager) on implementing continuous architectural refactoring in a SaaS offering.
  • Distributed Systems sessions, such as on the need for autonomous APIs in a landscape of impossibly complex distributed systems and how to architect a distributed system to monitor internet performance on a global scale.
  • Microservices sessions, including one on microservices migration patterns by Mark Richards (Developertoarchitect.com) and one by Allen Holub (Holub Associates) on the meaning, advantages, and build-out requirements of choreographed microservices.
  • Sessions on the fundamentals of software architecture, cloud native, serverless, enterprise architecture, leadership skills, security, chaos engineering, and more.