O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2019 - Berlin, Germany

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Thousands of software architects, aspiring software architects, senior developers, system leads, tech leads, software engineers, data architects, and tech team managers came together at O’Reilly Media’s Software Architecture Conference Berlin 2019 to learn how to design, build, and improve the architectures that are the foundation of all modern software systems.

Who did the attendees learn from? They learned from experts like senior software architect Carola Lilienthal (Workplace Solutions), a 30-year software engineering vet, who broke down the causes and costs of technical debt and then outlined the ways to eliminate it. And they learned from site reliability expert Jibby Ayo-Ani (Welkin) as she described Google’s BeyondCorp, a new enterprise security model in cloud computing that every software architect needs to understand. These speakers and gave SACON Berlin 2019’s attendees what they hoped to receive: The knowledge and insights required to become the best software architects they could be.

Get this video compilation of SACON Berlin 2019 and you’ll gain the opportunity to increase your skill set and move forward in your software architecture career.

Highlights include:

  • Complete video coverage of SACON Berlin 2019’s best keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions—this compilation contains hours of SACON talks to study and absorb at your own pace and schedule.
  • Keynote addresses from software architecture’s most incisive thinkers, including Bosatsu Consulting President Brian Sletten, ThoughtWorks principal technology consultant Zhamak Dehghani, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Director of Ecosystem, Cheryl Hung.
  • Hands-on tutorials covering subjects like reusable information architecture; event storming for domain-driven design modeling; and building, specifying, and testing APIs with microservices.
  • Application Architecture sessions, including Patrick Kua (Chief Scientist, N26) on scaling out architectural decision-making during rapid growth; Vladik Khononov (Chief Architect, Naxex) on DDD’s most common mistakes; and Paddy Fagan (Chief Architect, IBM Watson Care Manager) on implementing continuous architectural refactoring in a SaaS offering.
  • Distributed Systems sessions, such as on the need for autonomous APIs in a landscape of impossibly complex distributed systems and how to architect a distributed system to monitor internet performance on a global scale.
  • Microservices sessions, including one on microservices migration patterns by Mark Richards (Developertoarchitect.com) and one by Allen Holub (Holub Associates) on the meaning, advantages, and build-out requirements of choreographed microservices.
  • Sessions on the fundamentals of software architecture, cloud native, serverless, enterprise architecture, leadership skills, security, chaos engineering, and more.

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Highlights from the Software Architecture Conference in Berlin, 2019
    2. Modern machine learning architectures: Data and hardware and platform, oh my - Brian Sletten (Bosatsu Consulting)
    3. Next data platform architecture: Distributed data mesh - Zhamak Dehghani (ThoughtWorks)
    4. The New Norms of Cloud Native - Cheryl Hung (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
    5. The three-headed dog: Architecture, process, structure - Allen Holub (Holub Associates)
    6. Cognitive biases in the architect's life - Birgitta Boeckeler (ThoughtWorks)
    7. From the trenches: Patrick Kua - Patrick Kua (N26), Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks)
  2. Sponsored
    1. Speeding up React server-side rendering with ESX (sponsored by NearForm) - David Clements (NearForm)
    2. Data architecture at AXA (sponsored by AXA) - Roland Scharrer (AXA)
  3. Scale
    1. Building a data platform for tomorrow’s health service - Natalie Godec (Babylon Health)
  4. Microservices
    1. Dynamic service meshes for microservices using Envoy proxy, Java, and Spring - Michael Hartle (Hartle Klug Consulting GmbH)
    2. Fashion retail at scale: To block or not to block - Jesus Manuel Piñeiro Cid (Inditex)
    3. The rise and fall of microservices - Mark Richards (Self-employed)
    4. Microservices migration patterns - Mark Richards (Self-employed)
    5. Service mesh patterns - Alex Soto (Red Hat)
    6. Choreographing microservices - Allen Holub (Holub Associates)
  5. Enterprise architecture
    1. Beyond the technical: Succeed at leading a software architecture team - Maggie Carroll (MAG Aerospace)
    2. Cultivating architecture with principles - Birgitta Boeckeler (ThoughtWorks)
    3. Rethinking enterprise architecture for DevOps, Agile, and cloud native organizations - Michael Coté (Pivotal)
  6. Fundamentals
    1. What do you mean? - Kevlin Henney (Curbralan)
    2. Technical debt hurts: How to recognize and eliminate it - Carola Lilienthal (Workplace Solutions)
    3. “Good enough” architecture - Stefan Tilkov (INNOQ)
  7. Distributed systems
    1. A CRDT primer: Why CRDTs are perfect for eventual consistency - John Mumm (Wallaroo Labs)
    2. Think local: Reducing coordination and improving performance in your distributed systems - John Mumm (Wallaroo Labs)
    3. Autonomous APIs: Navigation in complex landscapes - Zdenek Nemec (Good API)
    4. Architecting a distributed system to monitor internet performance on a global scale - Sergio Freitas (ThousandEyes)
    5. On launching a distributed system to global markets - Kat Liu (N26)
    6. Extensible autonomous transactions in the world of microservices - Divya Nagar (Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform), Nicola Giacchetta (Vonage)
  8. Leadership skills
    1. Developing great architects: Creating the right environment for growth - Jean Bordelon (Bounteous)
    2. Measure your agile architecture maturity - Eltjo Poort (CGI)
    3. Ethical questions in software engineering - Rotem Hermon (SAP)
  9. Cloud native
    1. API gateways and service meshes: Opening the door to application modernization - Daniel Bryant (Datawire)
    2. Honey, I shrunk the database: Resilience and recoverability in cloud native services - Sidney Shek (Atlassian), Jeff Farber (Atlassian)
    3. Cloud native survival kit - Pini Reznik (Container Solutions)
    4. A hitchhiker's guide to cloud native API gateways - Mario-Leander Reimer (QAware)
  10. Reactive and its variants
    1. Reactive domain-driven design: From implicit blocking to explicit concurrency - Vaughn Vernon (Kalele and vlingo)
    2. Event Storming - Allen Holub (Holub Associates)
    3. Complex event flows in distributed systems - Bernd Rücker (Camunda)
  11. Application architecture
    1. Scaling out architectural decision making - Patrick Kua (N26)
    2. Practical experience of continuous architectural refactoring in a SaaS offering - Paddy Fagan (IBM), EAMONN MORIARTY (IBM)
    3. Patterns for micro-frontends - Erik Dörnenburg (ThoughtWorks)
    4. Adopting domain-driven design at scale: Near enemies and how to defeat them - Andrew Harmel-Law (ThoughtWorks), Gayathri Thiyagarajan (Expedia Group)
    5. How to build an evolutionary architecture - Antonio Jimenez (The Workshop), Pedro Martos (The Workshop)
    6. Architecture for modular frontend applications - Florian Rappl (smapiot), Lothar Schöttner (smapiot)
    7. Does architecture matter in a world of "quick hacks"? Architecture versus big data and ML - Mars Geldard (University of Tasmania), Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab)
    8. The rise, the ruin, and the rescue - Dr. Gernot Starke (aim42 | arc42 | INNOQ)
    9. Evolutionary UI: Change as a first-class citizen in the modern frontend world - Rufus Raghunath (ThoughtWorks), Giamir Buoncristiani (ThoughtWorks)
    10. 7 years of domain-driven design: Tackling complexity in large-scale marketing systems - Vladik Khononov (Naxex)
    11. The dark side of events - Vladik Khononov (Naxex)
    12. Micro-frontends: A microservice approach to the modern web - Ivan Jovanovic (NearForm)
  12. Data
    1. ETL 2.0: It’s not just for data engineers anymore - Robin Moffatt (Confluent)
    2. Evolution of a modern cloud-based data lake - Viacheslav Inozemtsev (Zalando)
  13. Business concerns
    1. When I grow up, I want to be a platform - Sidney Shek (Atlassian), Diogo Lucas (Atlassian)
    2. OSS shaping the future of data protection compliance - Cristina DeLisle (XWiki SAS)
  14. Serverless
    1. Serverless architecture fundamentals - Pratik Patel (IBM)
    2. Serverless containers: Nodeless Kubernetes and vertical pod autoscaling - Pavel Klushin (Spotinst)
    3. How a scientist would improve serverless functions - Jochem Schulenklopper (Xebia), Gero Vermaas (Xebia)
  15. Integration architecture
    1. How do we take architectural decisions in eBay Classifieds Group - Engin Yöyen (eBay Classified Group)
  16. DevOps Continuous Delivery
    1. How I learned to love the rebuild: How to know when to reinvest in your systems - Rob Zuber (CircleCI)
  17. Chaos engineering
    1. Evolutionary architectures and fitness functions: A pragmatic approach - Rene Weiss (embarc)
  18. Containers Containers Orchestration
    1. Navigating in stormy waters: An approach to traffic management with Istio - Laurentiu Spilca (Endava)
  19. Security
    1. Secure by design: Value-driven threat modeling - Avi Douglen (Bounce Security)
    2. Approaching a new security model in cloud computing - Jibby Ayo-Ani (Welkin)
  20. Tutorials
    1. Building, specifying, and testing APIs with microservices - Nick Ebbitt (Morgan Stanley), James Gough (Morgan Stanley), Matthew Auburn (Morgan Stanley)
    2. Applying reusability in information architecture - Edwin Maldonado (Contentful)
    3. How do I game design: Architecting games to expand your thinking - Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab), Mars Geldard (University of Tasmania), Tim Nugent (lonely.coffee), Jon Manning (Secret Lab)
    4. Hands-on: Introduction to domain storytelling - Stefan Hofer (Workplace Solutions), Dorota Kochanowska (Workplace Solutions)
    5. Releasing improved serverless functions with confidence - Jochem Schulenklopper (Xebia), Gero Vermaas (Xebia)
    6. Event storming for domain-driven design modeling - Kenny Baas-Schwegler (Xebia), João Rosa (Xebia)

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