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O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2019 - Berlin, Germany

Video Description

We’ll make the Keynotes available here as soon as possible after they happen. Video of the sessions and tutorials will be available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

O'Reilly Velocity Conferences are devoted to providing its international audience of SREs, app developers, DevOps practitioners, systems architects, CTOs, and CIOs with the most on-point training and information possible on how to build and maintain large-scale cloud native systems. Velocity Berlin 2019 stayed true to this formula. It gathered some of the world's top cloud practitioners to share their expertise and insights on key concepts like Kubernetes, site reliability engineering, observability, and performance. Stay ahead of your competition, get this video compilation, and enjoy a front-row seat to all of the best that Velocity Berlin 2019 had to offer.

Highlights include:

  • Unrestricted access to hours of the best presentations from Velocity Berlin 2019—this video compilation includes keynote sessions, deep-dive tutorials, and technical sessions.
  • Kubernetes sessions, including Jonathan Johnson's (Dijure LLC) intro to Kubernetes tutorial; Jose Nino’s (Lyft) look at deploying hybrid topologies with Kubernetes and Envoy; and Bastian Hofmann’s (SysEleven) talk on using Kubernetes to deploy an application across multiple clusters in different regions.
  • Monitoring, Observability, and Performance sessions, such as Liz Fong-Jones (Honeycomb) on how microservice-based systems do distributed tracing using OpenTelemetry; Lorenzo Fontana (Sysdig) on eBPF-powered distributed Kubernetes performance analysis; and Nathanael Jean-Francois (NS1) on using BGP edge optimizations to measure internet performance and make routing decisions.
  • Overcoming Obstacles/Lessons in Resilience sessions, including Alois Reitbauer’s (Dynatrace Software) cautions on how to ensure that delivery pipeline automation code won’t devolve into legacy code and Josh Michielsen’s (Condé Nast International) insider’s take on the lessons learned from operating a Kubernetes driven global cloud native platform.
  • Building Secure Systems sessions like Jennifer Davis’ (Microsoft) survey of the cloud security tools and practices everyone should.
  • Building Resilient Systems sessions, such as Jenn Strater’s (Gradle) guide to using data to better debug build errors, speed up individual runs, and make a happy release process, or Heidi Waterhouse’s (LaunchDarkly) reveal of the often overlooked factors that dramatically affect build versus buy calculations.
  • Emerging Tech sessions, including Aish Dahal’s (Slack) reveal of how Slack uses compiler tools and bots to enforce code quality and pay off technical debt; and Tess Rinearson’s (Interstellar) survey of consensus algorithms and why these algorithms are important for blockchains.
  • Building Cloud Native Systems, such as Janna Brummel (ING Netherlands) on why ING chose Azure, Kubernetes, and Istio to develop its secure container platform.
  • Leadership sessions, including Juan Pablo Buritica’s (Splice) story of how Splice used industry insights and data to successfully expand its engineering team 10 times in 18 months.
  • Multiple sessions devoted to Production Engineering, SRE, and DevOps; Systems Engineering & Architecture; Serverless; and more.