O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2019 - Berlin, Germany

Video description

O'Reilly Velocity Conferences are devoted to providing its international audience of SREs, app developers, DevOps practitioners, systems architects, CTOs, and CIOs with the most on-point training and information possible on how to build and maintain large-scale cloud native systems. Velocity Berlin 2019 stayed true to this formula. It gathered some of the world's top cloud practitioners to share their expertise and insights on key concepts like Kubernetes, site reliability engineering, observability, and performance. Stay ahead of your competition, get this video compilation, and enjoy a front-row seat to all of the best that Velocity Berlin 2019 had to offer.

Highlights include:

  • Unrestricted access to hours of the best presentations from Velocity Berlin 2019—this video compilation includes keynote sessions, deep-dive tutorials, and technical sessions.
  • Kubernetes sessions, including Jonathan Johnson's (Dijure LLC) intro to Kubernetes tutorial; Jose Nino’s (Lyft) look at deploying hybrid topologies with Kubernetes and Envoy; and Bastian Hofmann’s (SysEleven) talk on using Kubernetes to deploy an application across multiple clusters in different regions.
  • Monitoring, Observability, and Performance sessions, such as Liz Fong-Jones (Honeycomb) on how microservice-based systems do distributed tracing using OpenTelemetry; Lorenzo Fontana (Sysdig) on eBPF-powered distributed Kubernetes performance analysis; and Nathanael Jean-Francois (NS1) on using BGP edge optimizations to measure internet performance and make routing decisions.
  • Overcoming Obstacles/Lessons in Resilience sessions, including Alois Reitbauer’s (Dynatrace Software) cautions on how to ensure that delivery pipeline automation code won’t devolve into legacy code and Josh Michielsen’s (Condé Nast International) insider’s take on the lessons learned from operating a Kubernetes driven global cloud native platform.
  • Building Secure Systems sessions like Jennifer Davis’ (Microsoft) survey of the cloud security tools and practices everyone should.
  • Building Resilient Systems sessions, such as Jenn Strater’s (Gradle) guide to using data to better debug build errors, speed up individual runs, and make a happy release process, or Heidi Waterhouse’s (LaunchDarkly) reveal of the often overlooked factors that dramatically affect build versus buy calculations.
  • Emerging Tech sessions, including Aish Dahal’s (Slack) reveal of how Slack uses compiler tools and bots to enforce code quality and pay off technical debt; and Tess Rinearson’s (Interstellar) survey of consensus algorithms and why these algorithms are important for blockchains.
  • Building Cloud Native Systems, such as Janna Brummel (ING Netherlands) on why ING chose Azure, Kubernetes, and Istio to develop its secure container platform.
  • Leadership sessions, including Juan Pablo Buritica’s (Splice) story of how Splice used industry insights and data to successfully expand its engineering team 10 times in 18 months.
  • Multiple sessions devoted to Production Engineering, SRE, and DevOps; Systems Engineering & Architecture; Serverless; and more.

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. My love letter to computer science is very short and I also forgot to mail it - James Mickens (Harvard University)
    2. Kubernetes at scale: The good, the bad, and the ugly (sponsored by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) - Karthik Gaekwad (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure )
    3. Observability: Understanding production through your customers' eyes - Christine Yen (Honeycomb)
    4. The power of good abstractions in systems design - Lorenzo Saino (Fastly)
    5. Secure reliable systems - Ana Oprea (Google)
    6. Everything is a little bit broken; or, The illusion of control - Heidi Waterhouse (LaunchDarkly)
    7. How to deploy infrastructure in just 13.8 billion years - Ingrid Burrington (Independent)
    8. The ultimate guide to complicated systems - Jennifer Davis (Microsoft)
    9. 5 things Go taught me about open source? - Dave Cheney (VMWare)
    10. Building high-performing engineering teams, 1 pixel at a time - Lena Reinhard (CircleCI)
    11. Controlled chaos: The inevitable marriage of DevOps and security - Kelly Shortridge (Capsule8)
  2. Sponsored
    1. Chaos engineering: When the network breaks (sponsored by Gremlin) - Ho Ming Li (Gremlin)
    2. Learning from the past: The cloud native systems analyst (sponsored by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) - Jesse Butler (Oracle)
    3. DevOps patterns and anti-patterns for continuous software updates (sponsored by JFrog) - Baruch Sadogursky (JFrog)
    4. CD with Kubernetes: The prequel (sponsored by GitLab) - Priyanka Sharma (GitLab)
    5. The observability graph: Knowledge graphs for automated infrastructure observability (sponsored by Datadog) - Homin Lee (Datadog)
  3. Overcoming Obstacles: Lessons in Resilience
    1. Deploying hybrid topologies with Kubernetes and Envoy: A look at service discovery - Jose Nino (Lyft), Lita Cho (Lyft)
    2. Performance beyond improv - Daniel Drozdzewski (Scott Logic)
    3. Operating a global cloud native platform - Josh Michielsen (Condé Nast International)
    4. Don't let your delivery pipelines become your next legacy code - Alois Reitbauer (Dynatrace Software)
    5. Reliability and resiliency in application development in the cloud - Jibby Ayo-Ani (Welkin)
    6. M3 and Prometheus: Monitoring at planet scale for everyone - Rob Skillington (Chronosphere), Łukasz Szczęsny (M3)
    7. Complex change through simple steps: 3 principles to reduce deployment time by 99% - David Jungwirth (Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies)
  4. Distributed Data and State
    1. Infinite parallel universes: Modeling state at the edge - Peter Bourgon (Fastly)
    2. The golden idol swap: Pragmatic database migration - Christian Grabowski (NS1)
    3. Replacing your gearbox at 100 mph: How live games monitor and change with millions playing - Jon Manning (Secret Lab), Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab)
    4. PostgreSQL at low level: Stay curious - Dmitrii Dolgov (Zalando)
    5. CouchDB 4.0: 1.0 + 2.0 = 4.0 - Jan Lehnardt (Neighbourhoodie)
  5. Building Secure Systems
    1. Prioritizing trust while creating applications - Jennifer Davis (Microsoft)
    2. A beginner's guide to eBPF - Liz Rice (Aqua Security)
    3. A GDPR retrospective: Implementation by a large-scale data organization in reality - Yulia Trakhtenberg (AppsFlyer)
    4. The deputy shot the sheriff: Privilege escalation in build pipelines - Andreas Sieferlinger (Scout24)
  6. Kubernetes
    1. The elephant in the Kubernetes room: Team interactions - Manuel Pais (Independent)
    2. Kubernetes the very hard way - Laurent Bernaille (Datadog)
    3. Autoscaling in reality: Lessons learned from adaptively scaling Kubernetes - Andy Kwiatkowski (Shopify)
    4. The state of Kubernetes development tooling - Ellen Korbes (Garden)
    5. Highly available cross-region deployments with Kubernetes - Bastian Hofmann (SysEleven)
  7. Serverless
    1. Serverless, automated, personalized book recommendations at scale on AWS - Brian Young (Penguin Random House)
    2. Isolate computing - Zack Bloom (Cloudflare)
    3. Building maintainable, observable applications on multicloud serverless architecture - Park Kittipatkul (SignalFx)
    4. Making S3 even more resilient using Lambda@Edge - Julia Biro (Contentful)
    5. Knative: A Kubernetes framework to manage serverless workloads - Nikhil Barthwal (Google)
  8. Building Cloud Native Systems
    1. What happens when you type de.wikipedia.org? - effie mouzeli (Wikimedia Foundation), Alexandros Kosiaris (Wikimedia Foundation)
    2. Revolutionizing a bank: Introducing service mesh and a secure container platform - Janna Brummel (ING Netherlands), Robin van Zijll (ING Netherlands)
    3. Building autoscaling systems: A case study using Step Functions autoscaler - Devesh Chourasiya (Yelp)
    4. Chaos engineering and war gaming with a flamethrower - Shannon Weyrick (NS1)
  9. Leadership
    1. Solving problems with principles - James Stewart (Jystewart.net), Dafydd Vaughan (Public Digital)
    2. Accelerating engineering delivery tempo - Juan Pablo Buritica (Splice)
    3. Measuring chaos: Chaos engineering and team health - Paul Osman (Under Armour Connected Fitness)
    4. A fairy tale about habits; Or what we can learn from Cinderella and her peers in DevOps - Sabine Wojcieszak (getNext IT)
  10. Emerging Tech
    1. Dude, where's my yogurt? Algorithms and competition in UK retail - Oscar Barlow (Infinity Works)
    2. Voice-driven development: Who needs a keyboard anyway? - Emily Shea (Fastly)
    3. Consensus is for everybody - Tess Rinearson (Tendermint Core)
    4. Automated refactoring and safety in large repositories - Aish Dahal (Slack)
    5. Fixing HTTP/2 and preparing for HTTP/3 over QUIC - Robin Marx (University of Hasselt, Expertise Centre for Digital Media EDM)
  11. Monitoring, Observability, and Performance
    1. BGP edge optimization with active measurement - Nathanael Jean-Francois (NS1)
    2. What remains of dashboards and metrics without the hype and anti-patterns - Björn Rabenstein (Grafana Labs)
    3. How to make sense of real user performance metrics - Gilles Dubuc (Wikimedia Foundation)
    4. Creating a scalable monitoring system that everyone will love - Molly Struve (DEV )
    5. eBPF-powered distributed Kubernetes performance analysis - Lorenzo Fontana (Sysdig)
  12. Production Engineering, SRE, and DevOps
    1. Cultivating production excellence: Taming complex distributed systems - Liz Fong-Jones (Honeycomb)
    2. Taking the ops out of DevOps - Eleanor Saitta (Systems Structure Ltd.)
    3. Helping your dev teams succeed at ops, post-Kubernetes - Michael Hobbs (MOO)
    4. Swarming, Cynefin, and avoiding the problems of becoming a third-line support team - Jon Hall (BMC)
    5. Test-driven development (TDD) for infrastructure - Rosemary Wang (HashiCorp)
  13. Building Resilient Systems
    1. Building a data ecosystem at Sweden's Television: Lessons and pitfalls - Ismail elouafiq (Swedish Television (SVT))
    2. Configuration is riskier than code - Jamie Wilkinson (Google)
    3. The definitive guide to making software fail on ARM64 - Ignat Korchagin (Cloudflare)
    4. The path to build happiness - Jenn Strater (Gradle)
    5. Free as in puppies: Toward a better build versus buy understanding - Heidi Waterhouse (LaunchDarkly)
  14. Tutorials
    1. GitOps 101 - Michael Hausenblas (AWS)
    2. Deploying serverless applications to any cloud with Knative - Sébastien Goasguen (TriggerMesh)
    3. SRE classroom: How to design a reliable application in three hours (sponsored by Google) - Jesus Climent (Google), Akshay Kumar (Google)
    4. Bridging the gap between brownfield and greenfield applications with a service mesh - Erik Veld (HashiCorp), Nic Jackson (HashiCorp)
    5. Observability workshop: Instrumenting cloud native applications - Kevin Crawley (Instana)
    6. Observing and understanding distributed systems with OpenTelemetry - Liz Fong-Jones (Honeycomb), Yoshi Yamaguchi (Google)
    7. Understanding Kubernetes - Jonathan Johnson (Dijure LLC)

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