Welcome to Organisational Behaviour For Dummies! We already know that this book is of interest to you – not just because you’re reading this bit (although that does rather give it away), but because organisational behaviour is all about people at work. If you answer yes to the questions ‘Are you a person?’ and ‘Do you work or plan to work?’ then you can benefit from an understanding of organisational behaviour.

Organisational Behaviour For Dummies is meant to be fun to read, informative, and useful to you. We’ve bunched topics roughly into those that relate to employees, employers, and organisations, and you can dip into any topic you like without reading earlier chapters. Whether you’re studying organisation behaviour or just interested because of what you see happening in your workplace, we’re confident you’ll find information of interest in this book.

About This Book

We authors have many years’ experience (far too many to count and admit to) of teaching and training organisational behaviour topics. Our aim in this book is to introduce you to the key ideas and concepts that you’ll find both interesting and relevant to your studies.

We introduce you to the main organisational behaviour topics and explain why applying organisational behaviour principles at work can help make organisations more effective. We cover lots of relevant research and theories as we explain, but we also give lots of examples and descriptions so that the book is as much practical as theoretical. ...

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