Chapter 8

Leading the Way: Leadership in the Workplace

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding leadership styles

arrow Leading effectively

arrow Steering clear of leadership pitfalls

arrow Adapting to the future

What’s the point of leadership? Why can’t you just get on with doing your job running the organisation, or your department, without any leadership nonsense? Well, the success of an organisation is all about attracting the most talented people to work in it and giving them all the help they need to meet the organisation’s goals. Without effective leadership, there’s no one to create the vision of what the future organisation will look like or to motivate and influence the employees to take it there. Therefore, the leadership skills of chief executives and their teams are extremely important to organisations.

You can find as many leadership styles as leaders. For example, think of the differences between Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. Margaret Thatcher was described as domineering and confident of her own opinion (at least by her enemies!) and expected her subordinates to follow instructions, ...

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