Chapter 20

Ten Tips for Good Employee Relations

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing key management skills

arrow Appreciating the link between happiness and performance

arrow Keeping employees motivated

Managing other people isn’t easy and requires good social and inter-personal skills. You probably know somebody who’s not great at relationships and who manages to upset people without even realising it. Now think about how it would be if that person was your manager – not ideal, is it? Without good social and interpersonal skills you can easily end up offending employees, demotivating rather than motivating them, and generally reducing their performance.

In addition to social and interpersonal skills, knowledge and competencies in finance, human resource policies and practices, marketing, and the like are also important. A good manager is skilled in all these areas. A great manager excels in all these areas.

Think about one of your managers (past or present). Was she a good manager? What was it about that manager that made her good or bad at her job? We bet at least part of your answer relates to how well she knew her job and how friendly or sociable she was.

You can focus on several aspects of managing ...

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