Organization Development Basics

Book description

Organization Development Basics is a primer on the broad field of organization development and offers just the right amount of information to create an understanding of the tools, practices, and core skills of the OD practitioner. It is a useful tool for trainers and training managers wishing to add new knowledge and capabilities to their resume and is a solid resource for beginning OD professionals and human resources professionals. Like all of the books in the Training Basics series, you will find learning guideposts along the way including 'Basic Rules', 'Noted', and 'Think about This' sidebars that enable readers to scan the book and pick out and apply concepts immediately. In addition, each chapter ends with an interactive section called 'Getting It Done' that guides readers in direct application of new skills.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. About the Training Basics Series
  6. Preface
  7. 1. Organization Development's Contribution to Business Success
    1. The Three Components of the Organization Development Approach
    2. Organization Development Values
    3. Systems Thinking
    4. Organization Development's Behavioral Sciences Roots
    5. Getting It Done
  8. 2. The Job of Organization Development
    1. Sixty-Seven Job Descriptions
    2. Core Skills
    3. Getting It Done
  9. 3. The Action Research Approach to Change
    1. The Action Research Model
    2. Organization Alignment—Ensuring the Organization Is Set Up for Success
    3. Getting It Done
  10. 4. The Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Change
    1. The 4-D Cycle
    2. Using Appreciative Inquiry
    3. Getting It Done
  11. 5. Transition Management
    1. Change and Transition
    2. Bridges Transition Model
    3. Facilitating Transition
    4. Responding to Nonstop Change
    5. Getting It Done
  12. 6. Internal Consulting Techniques
    1. Consulting Is Not a Four-Letter Word
    2. The Core of Consulting
    3. Partnership Characteristics
    4. Phases of Internal Consulting
    5. Getting It Done
  13. 7. Facilitating Dialogue
    1. Organization Development Facilitation
    2. How Organization Development Practitioners Improve Dialogue
    3. Tips for Facilitators
    4. The Purpose of Collaboration Meetings
    5. Getting It Done
  14. 8. The Art of Coaching
    1. The Focus of Coaching
    2. The Purpose of Coaching
    3. The Coaching Process
    4. Critical Success Factors for Coaches
    5. How to Become a Sought-After Coach
    6. Getting It Done
  15. 9. Coaching Techniques
    1. Improving Client Coachability
    2. Helping Clients Get Unstuck
    3. Building Client Self-Awareness
    4. Facilitating Breakthroughs
    5. Using Socratic Questions
    6. Active Listening
    7. Getting It Done
  16. 10. Beyond the Basics
    1. Succession Planning
    2. Open Space Technology
    3. The Future Search Conference
    4. Organization Culture
    5. Getting It Done
  17. 11. Continuing Your Exploration of Organization Development
    1. Additional Development Suggestions
    2. Getting It Done
  18. References
  19. Additional Resources
  20. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: Organization Development Basics
  • Author(s): Lisa Haneberg
  • Release date: August 2005
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 9781562864118