Welcome to Organizational Behavior, 13th Edition

New Edition at a Glance

OB 13/e has a new author team.

We are pleased to feature in this edition the ideas, insights, and scholarly expertise of Mary Uhl-Bien. Mary brings extensive knowledge of leadership and relational processes in OB. She has received awards for her research, and is currently serving in the OB Division Chair track in the Academy of Management. She places deep value on rigor and relevance in OB, which she accomplishes by engaging in cutting edge research conducted through strong partnerships between scholars and practitioners. Along with Mary, John Schermerhorn continues to play a senior role in content, design, and pedagogy, while Dick Osborn focuses his attention on updating macro themes.

OB 13/e offers flexible, topic-specific presentation of OB topics.

Topics in the book are easily assigned in any order based on instructor preferences. There are many options available for courses of different types, lengths, and meeting schedules, including online and distance learning formats. It all depends on what fits best with your course design, learning approaches, and class session objectives. There is no complicated “model” that requires a structured content approach. Instructors can select core OB topics and themes while moving among chapters organized in four parts—Individual Behavior and Performance, Teams and Teamwork, Influence Processes and Leadership, and Organizational Context.

In this edition you will see ...

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