My Best Manager


  1. Make a list of the attributes that describe the best manager you ever worked for. If you have trouble identifying an actual manager, make a list of attributes you would like the manager in your next job to have.
  2. Form a group of four or five persons and share your lists.
  3. Create one list that combines all the unique attributes of the “best” managers represented in your group. Make sure that you have all attributes listed, but list each only once. Place a check mark next to those that were reported by two or more members. Have one of your members prepared to present the list in general class discussion.
  4. After all groups have finished Step 3, spokespersons should report to the whole class. The instructor will make a running list of the “best” manager attributes as viewed by the class.
  5. Feel free to ask questions and discuss the results.


Graffiti Needs Assessment: Involving Students in the First Class Session

Contributed by Barbara K. Goza, Visiting Associate Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz, and Associate Professor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

From Journal of Management Education, 1993.


  1. Complete the following sentences with as many endings as possible.
    1. When I first came to this class, I thought . . .
    2. My greatest concern this term is . . .
    3. In 3 years ...

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