H. Richard Eisenbeis, Colorado State University—Pueblo

Sue Hanks, Colorado State University—Pueblo

Linda Shaw, Colorado State University—Pueblo

Susan Reynolds carefully studied her first annual performance review at Marco Pictures, a highly successful motion picture company headquartered in Los Angeles. Although in many respects the review was favorable, she was disturbed by the following comments made by Anita Lockwood, her immediate supervisor (Appendix I and Appendix II):

My only concern is Susan's tendency to stay in her office and avoid contact with others in the company. As the controller, she should be involved with the production, postproduction, licensing, royalties, and other departments. She should be aware of the activity going on in each and should "touch base" with the department heads periodically to determine the future requirements of the accounting department.

She should also become more involved in the personnel matters of the department. She should be aware at all times of the status of work in the department and should be the first 'manager' to tackle personnel problems as they arise.

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This case was presented to the North American Case Research Association at its annual meeting October 27–29, 2005, North Falmouth, MA. We want to thank the editor of the Case Research Journal ...

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