Exploring the Landscape of OB


Each generation takes a somewhat different path through the world of work and organizations, given different historical, scientific, and social conditions. These conditions make up the landscape of OB. In this chapter we explore four key characteristics that contribute to which theories of OB managers emphasize and which theories of OB they practice.



Since starting their First Fruits apple orchard in Washington state in 1980, Ralph and Cheryl Broetje have taken a different approach to managing the challenges and opportunities facing their organization. Today, First Fruits is among the largest privately owned contiguous apple orchards in the United States, covering more than 6,000 acres stretching for nearly 10 miles along the Snake River. Its mission is to be a “Quality fruit company committed to bearing fruit that will last,” and its values-based approach to running the business promotes a “Quadruple Bottom Line of Profits, Planet, People, and Purpose.”

But profit isn’t our main motive. It becomes the by-product of treating people with dignity, respect, and mutuality, and as equals in every sense of the word.

The Broetjes believe the real ...

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