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Organizational Coaching: Building Relationships and Programs that Drive Results

Book Description

Workplace Learning Professionals need to add coaching to their toolkit of strategies and skills. Organizational Coaching teaches the reader concrete, behaviorally based steps on the how and what of coaching for organizations. The authors present a systems approach in which learning professionals can effectively coach individuals, teams, or even work towards a coaching culture that any professional can adapt and use. Full of tips, advice, checklists and assessments, Organizational Coaching addresses all three levels of organizational coaching. This roadmap enables readers to reach a desirable coaching outcome despite the constantly changing objectives in organizations today. Most coaching books focus on the relationship between coach and client or on commonly acknowledged coaching competencies. Organizational Coaching fills the void in coaching literature by providing instructions for organizations, distinguishing organizational coaching from the more widely known 'life coaching.' Full of tips, advice, checklists and assessments, the authors explain how to reach a desirable coaching outcome and create a successful coaching program. The presented model for organizational coaching is easily adapted to any individual or organization.