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Organizational Design for Teams, 1st Edition

Book Description

Design teams can turn out great work today and still be ill equipped to handle tomorrow’s challenges. Much depends on how, and how well, the team functions together over the long haul. And that comes down to management. In this sampler from O’Reilly’s Design Library, you’ll dive into many aspects of design organization—from setting core product and design principles to using experience maps for optimizing your users’ product and service experiences.

Explore the approaches, styles, insights, and techniques of successful managers, and learn how to move your team from product vision to strategy to roadmap. You’ll discover how and why good design management is critical to maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

This sampler includes excerpts from these O’Reilly Design books:

  • Org Design for Design Orgs—Chapter 3: 12 Qualities of Effective Design Organizations
  • Lean UX—Chapter 8: Making Organizational Shifts
  • Mapping Experiences—Chapter 7: Align: Designing Value
  • Product Leadership (Early Release)—Chapter 3: Being a Great Product Leader
  • This is Service Design Doing (Early Release)—Chapter 2: What is Service Design?