The days when you could get away with not being noticed at work are passing. Being seen, and being seen to know what you are talking about, are becoming more important. This will be a wrench for some and a liberation for others. It has never been easier, or more fun, to share what we know. Being willing to share and help others is becoming an important factor in successful business.

For a significant number of people a survival tactic at work has been keeping their head down. Doing what is asked of them, and no doubt doing it well, but not rocking the boat by questioning things or suggesting that things could be done better. It has been possible to get through an entire career on this basis. Well … it used to be. It is increasingly unlikely that anyone will manage to do so in the future as more people spend more time learning and sharing in online environments. Not being seen, and not being seen to know what you know, will carry a higher price.

It is increasingly important to be seen to add value. To be seen to be knowledgeable and willing to share your knowledge. In the old days “knowledge is power” used to mean holding on to it and only giving it out judiciously to certain people. In an Internet world there is no point in having knowledge if people don’t know you have it, and if you are not prepared to share it. Web tools enable more knowledge to flow more readily around your organization. Taking part in this process is going to be more ...

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