OS X Mavericks on Demand

Book description

Need answers quickly? OS X Mavericks on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Inside the Book

  • Find and preview everything you need with Spotlight

  • Master the OS X Mavericks user interface and file management

  • Use the App Store and full-screen apps for maximum efficiency

  • Explore the Internet with Safari and send e-mail with Mail

  • Manage and play digital music with iTunes and iPhone, iPad, or iPod

  • Chat online instantly with Messages and FaceTime

  • Manage and share your schedule with Calendar

  • Send files wirelessly to anyone around you with AirDrop

  • Keep your files synced to iCloud and backed up with Time Machine

  • Automatically save document changes as you work with Auto Save

  • Use multi-touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts to save time

  • Post content straight to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Vimeo

  • Use Microsoft Windows along with Mavericks

  • Numbered Steps guide you through each task

    See Also points you to related information in the book

    Did You Know? alerts you to tips and techniques

    Illustrations with matching steps

    Tasks are presented on one or two pages

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    Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Acknowledgments
      1. Perspection, Inc.
      2. Acknowledgments
      3. About the Author
      4. We Want to Hear from You!
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. How This Book Works
      2. What’s New
      3. Keyboard Shortcuts
    7. 1. Getting Started with OS X Mavericks
      1. Introduction
      2. Starting OS X
      3. Exploring the Finder and Desktop
      4. Using the Mouse or Multi-Touch Gestures
      5. Working with Menus, Toolbars, and Panes
      6. Using Menus for Quick Results
      7. Choosing Dialog Options
      8. Working with Icons
      9. Viewing Windows
      10. Managing Windows
      11. Using the Tab Bar
      12. Using the Sidebar
      13. Using Toolbars
      14. Displaying and Using the Dock
      15. Displaying and Using Stacks on the Dock
      16. Exposing Windows in Mission Control
      17. Grouping Windows in Mission Control
      18. Switching Users
      19. Sleeping, Restarting, and Shutting Down
    8. 2. Managing Files and Folders
      1. Introduction
      2. Opening and Viewing Disks
      3. Viewing and Opening Documents
      4. Changing the Window View
      5. Arranging Files and Folders in Icons View
      6. Working with Files and Folders in List View
      7. Viewing Files with Cover Flow View
      8. Working with Files and Folders in Columns View
      9. Viewing Files Using Quick Look
      10. Going to Common or Recent Places
      11. Organizing Files and Folders by Tags
      12. Creating and Renaming Files and Folders
      13. Copying and Moving Files and Folders
      14. Using Spring-Loaded Folders
      15. Sharing Files Using Online Services
      16. Deleting and Restoring Files and Folders
      17. Getting and Setting File Information
      18. Creating a CD or DVD Using the Finder
      19. Mounting and Ejecting Disks
    9. 3. Finding What You Want with Spotlight
      1. Introduction
      2. Finding Information Using Spotlight
      3. Finding Information in the Spotlight Window
      4. Filtering Spotlight Results
      5. Grouping and Sorting Spotlight Results
      6. Working with Spotlight Results
      7. Setting Spotlight Preferences
      8. Searching for Files Using the Find Window
      9. Searching for Hard to Find Information
      10. Working with Find Window Results
      11. Creating and Using Smart Folders
      12. Getting Help While You Work
      13. Getting Help Using Spotlight
    10. 4. Customizing the Finder
      1. Introduction
      2. Understanding Finder Preferences
      3. Showing Icons on the Desktop
      4. Customizing the Way Windows Open
      5. Showing or Hiding File Extensions
      6. Customizing Finder Window Views
      7. Customizing the Toolbar
      8. Customizing the Sidebar
      9. Customizing the Dock
      10. Creating Aliases
      11. Customizing Mission Control
      12. Using Simple Finder
    11. 5. Setting System Preferences
      1. Introduction
      2. Understanding System Preferences
      3. Adding or Removing Third-Party System Preferences
      4. Viewing System Preferences
      5. Locking and Unlocking Preference Settings
      6. Changing Appearance Options
      7. Setting Up the Desktop
      8. Setting Up Screen Savers
      9. Setting the Date and Time
      10. Changing Language & Region Options
      11. Changing Text Substitution Options
      12. Saving Energy and Managing Power
      13. Selecting a Startup Disk
      14. Changing the Way a CD or DVD Starts
      15. Controlling Sound
      16. Dictating Your Speech
      17. Letting Mac Do the Talking
      18. Setting Accessibility Options
      19. Setting Accessibility Interacting Options
      20. Having VoiceOver Read from the Screen
      21. Getting Started with VoiceOver
      22. Working with VoiceOver
      23. Setting VoiceOver Preferences
      24. Using VoiceOver Commands
      25. Setting Ink Preferences
    12. 6. Using OS X Applications
      1. Introduction
      2. Getting Apps at the App Store
      3. Downloading and Installing Other Apps
      4. Using OS X Apps
      5. Launching Apps
      6. Opening Apps and Files
      7. Viewing Full Screen Apps
      8. Switching Between Apps
      9. Quitting Apps
      10. Playing Chess
      11. Playing Games with the Game Center
      12. Creating a Contacts List
      13. Editing a Contacts List
      14. Managing and Sharing a Contacts List
      15. Performing Calculations and Conversions
      16. Getting and Managing iBooks
      17. Reading and Marking Up iBooks
      18. Viewing and Navigating Maps
      19. Capturing Images with a Digital Camera
      20. Capturing Screen Shots with Grab
      21. Previewing Images and PDF’s
      22. Using Apps with Auto Save
      23. Creating Sticky Notes
      24. Managing Fonts with Font Book
      25. Activating, Deactivating, and Customizing Fonts
      26. Working with Dashboard
      27. Adding and Removing Dashboard Widgets
      28. Creating a Web Clip Dashboard Widget
    13. 7. Working with Documents
      1. Introduction
      2. Creating and Opening a Document
      3. Editing Text
      4. Recognizing Handwriting Ink
      5. Making Corrections
      6. Making Text Substitutions
      7. Checking Spelling and Grammar
      8. Looking Up Words with Dictionary
      9. Finding and Replacing Text
      10. Formatting Text
      11. Displaying Rulers
      12. Setting Paragraph Tabs
      13. Setting Paragraph Indents
      14. Changing Character Spacing
      15. Changing Line Spacing
      16. Adding Lists and Tables
      17. Applying and Creating a Style
      18. Inserting Special Characters
      19. Adding Pictures, Movies, or Files to a Document
      20. Saving and Closing a Document
      21. Using TextEdit for Web Design
      22. Setting TextEdit Preferences
    14. 8. Printing, Scanning and Faxing
      1. Introduction
      2. Understanding Printers
      3. Understanding Printer Drivers
      4. Adding or Removing a Printer
      5. Setting Print Settings
      6. Sharing a Printer
      7. Setting Up Page Options
      8. Setting Basic Print Options
      9. Previewing Documents
      10. Saving Documents as PDF Documents
      11. Managing Print Queues
      12. Creating a Cover Page
      13. Scanning Documents
      14. Sending Fax Documents
      15. Receiving Faxes Automatically
    15. 9. Exploring the Internet
      1. Introduction
      2. History of the Internet and the World Wide Web
      3. Connecting to the Internet
      4. Getting Internet Connection Assistance
      5. Creating Multiple Connections
      6. Protecting your Computer from the Internet
      7. Sharing an Internet Connection
      8. Setting Up a Modem Connection
      9. Setting Up an Ethernet Connection
      10. Setting Up a Wireless Connection
      11. Setting Up Multiple Connections
      12. Making an Internet Connection
      13. Understanding Web Sites and Browsers
      14. Viewing and Customizing Safari
      15. Browsing the Web
      16. Browsing the Web Using Tabs
      17. Using the Reader and Reading List
      18. Working with Shared Links
      19. Viewing Top Sites
      20. Viewing a History List
      21. Bookmarking a Web Page
      22. Working with Bookmarks
      23. Filling Out Forms on the Web
      24. Searching the Web
      25. Printing a Web Page
      26. Viewing PDF Files
      27. Saving a Web Page
      28. Saving Pictures or Text from a Web Page
      29. Downloading Files Safely from the Web
      30. Setting Safari Preferences
      31. Setting Security Preferences
      32. Blocking Pop-Up Windows
      33. Changing Web Notifications
      34. Selecting a Default Browser and Search
    16. 10. Exchanging E-Mail Messages
      1. Introduction
      2. Setting Up Accounts in One Place
      3. Starting Mail
      4. Setting Up an Account
      5. Managing Accounts
      6. Viewing the Mail Window
      7. Composing and Sending an E-Mail
      8. Addressing an E-Mail
      9. Adding Stationery to E-Mail
      10. Formatting Message Text
      11. Adding an E-Mail Signature
      12. Customizing the Mail Window
      13. Receiving and Reading E-Mail
      14. Responding to E-Mail
      15. Sending and Retrieving a File
      16. Managing E-Mail
      17. Deleting E-Mail
      18. Saving E-Mail
      19. Searching E-Mail for Text
      20. Blocking and Flagging E-Mail
      21. Diverting Incoming E-Mail to Mailboxes
      22. Creating a Smart Mailbox
      23. Creating a VIP List
    17. 11. Sending Instant Messages
      1. Introduction
      2. Starting Messages
      3. Viewing Messages
      4. Creating a Messages Account
      5. Chatting on a Local Network
      6. Changing My Status
      7. Using the Messages Status Menu
      8. Adding a Buddy
      9. Changing a Buddy Picture
      10. Creating and Managing Buddy Groups
      11. Sending and Receiving Messages
      12. Sending a File During a Message
      13. Working with Messages
      14. Having an Audio and Video Chat
      15. Enhancing a Video Chat
      16. Changing Chat Message Options
      17. Changing the Chat Message Appearance
      18. Getting Chat Message Alerts
      19. Blocking a Buddy
      20. Getting Started with FaceTime
      21. Making a Video Call with FaceTime
    18. 12. Working with Music and Media
      1. Introduction
      2. Starting and Setting Up iTunes
      3. Viewing the iTunes Window
      4. Setting Up iTunes to Automatically Play CDs
      5. Getting and Playing Music
      6. Getting Media from the iTunes Store
      7. Creating and Using Playlists
      8. Adding Media to a Playlist
      9. Work with Media
      10. Sharing Media at Home
      11. Listening to iTunes Radio
      12. Listening to Internet Radio
      13. Subscribing and Playing Podcasts
      14. Using iPod, iPhone, or iPad with iTunes
      15. Exporting to MP3 Players
      16. Setting iTunes Preferences
      17. Streaming a Mac to Apple TV
      18. Capturing Photos in Photo Booth
      19. Recording Movies in Photo Booth
      20. Adding Photo Booth Effects
      21. Playing and Browsing DVD Movies
      22. Customizing the DVD Player
      23. Playing QuickTime Movies
      24. Creating QuickTime Movies
      25. Exploring iMovie, iDVD, and iPhoto
    19. 13. Sharing Information in the Cloud
      1. Introduction
      2. Joining the iCloud Community
      3. Setting iCloud Preferences
      4. Sharing with Back to My Mac
      5. Finding Your Mac
      6. Using iCloud on the Web
      7. Using iCloud on the Mac
      8. Using iCloud Enabled Apps
      9. Managing iCloud Files on the Mac
    20. 14. Tracking and Managing Information
      1. Introduction
      2. Viewing the Calendar Window
      3. Changing Calendar Views
      4. Creating and Working with Calendars
      5. Adding and Editing Calendar Events
      6. Inviting Attendees to Calendar Events
      7. Printing Calendars
      8. Publishing and Subscribing to a Calendar
      9. Sharing an iCloud Calendar
      10. Creating Reminder Lists
      11. Working with Reminder Lists
      12. Adding Notifications to Reminders
      13. Using Accounts for Reminders and Notes
      14. Creating and Managing Notes
      15. Setting Notification Preferences
      16. Using the Notification Center
      17. Posting to Social Media
    21. 15. Setting Up Accounts and Maintaining Security
      1. Introduction
      2. Understanding User Accounts
      3. Activating the Login Window
      4. Adding a User Account
      5. Deleting a User Account
      6. Setting File Access Permissions
      7. Setting Account Access Privileges
      8. Setting Account Parental Controls
      9. Specifying Log In and Start Up Items
      10. Setting Fast User Switching
      11. Setting Security Preferences
      12. Setting Privacy Preferences
      13. Protecting Your Computer with FileVault
      14. Restoring Password Access
      15. Adding Keychains and Passwords
      16. Working with Keychains and Passwords
      17. Modifying Keychains and Passwords
      18. Setting Up for iCloud Keychain
      19. Using AutoFill with iCloud Keychain
    22. 16. Managing Files Using a Network
      1. Introduction
      2. Using Network Sharing Services
      3. Setting Up File Sharing
      4. Sharing an Internet Connection
      5. Configuring an Internet Firewall
      6. Setting Up a Local Area Network
      7. Setting Up a Network Connection
      8. Setting Up for Different Network Connections
      9. Setting Up a Bluetooth Wireless Network
      10. Moving Items with Bluetooth
      11. Setting Bluetooth Preferences
      12. Browsing the Network with the Finder
      13. Connecting to Another Computer
      14. Sharing Files or Folders with Others
      15. Sharing Files Wirelessly with AirDrop
      16. Controlling a Computer with Screen Sharing
      17. Setting Up Mac and Windows to Share Files
      18. Connecting from a Windows Computer
      19. Connecting to a Network Over the Internet
      20. Exploring Additional Utility Applications
    23. 17. Maintaining Your Computer
      1. Introduction
      2. Downloading and Updating Software
      3. Automating Software Updates
      4. Opening Compressed Files
      5. Compressing and Uncompressing Files and Folders
      6. Using Application Services
      7. Understanding Disk File Systems
      8. Formatting and Copying a Disk
      9. Fixing Disk Problems
      10. Fixing Disk Permission Problems
      11. Erasing a CD or DVD Disc
      12. Migrating Information Between Macs
      13. Monitoring System Activities
      14. Viewing System Messages with the Console
      15. Viewing System Information
      16. Forcing a Restart
    24. 18. Managing Hardware
      1. Introduction
      2. Installing Hardware Devices
      3. Removing Hardware Devices
      4. Viewing Hardware Settings
      5. Changing Keyboard Settings
      6. Changing Mouse Settings
      7. Changing Trackpad Settings
      8. Changing Monitor Display Settings
      9. Using Multiple Monitor Displays
      10. Measuring Display Colors with the Digital Color Meter
      11. Selecting Colors with the Color Picker
      12. Matching Colors to Devices with ColorSync
      13. Configuring Audio MIDI Devices
      14. Preventing Hardware Problems
    25. 19. Working with OS X Along with Windows
      1. Introduction
      2. Preparing a Mac for Windows
      3. Installing Windows on a Mac
      4. Starting Up with OS X or Windows
      5. Using Windows on a Mac
      6. Removing Windows
    26. 20. Backing Up Everything with Time Machine
      1. Introduction
      2. Setting Up Time Machine for Backups
      3. Performing a Backup
      4. Excluding Items from a Backup
      5. Working with a Backup
      6. Recovering Backed Up Items
      7. Recovering an Entire Computer System
      8. Creating a Disk Image to Backup Files
      9. Burning a CD or DVD from a Disk Image
      10. Restoring a Disk Image
      11. Backing Up Files onto a CD or DVD
    27. 21. Automating Your Work
      1. Introduction
      2. Introducing Automator
      3. Automator Window
      4. More to come
      5. Getting Started with Automator
      6. Opening an Existing Workflow
      7. Working with an Example Workflow
      8. Adding Actions to a Workflow
      9. Adding Variables to an Action
      10. Recording an Action
      11. Working with Workflows
      12. Running and Stopping a Workflow
      13. Saving a Workflow
      14. Using a Workflow as Plug-ins
      15. Understanding AppleScript Basics
      16. Using Ready-Made AppleScripts
      17. Writing and Recording AppleScripts
      18. Using AppleScript with Automator
    28. A. Appendix: Installing OS X Mavericks
      1. Introduction
      2. Preparing to Install OS X Mavericks
      3. Determining the Current OS X Version
      4. Getting Mac Information
      5. Getting OS X from the App Store
      6. Installing OS X Mavericks
      7. Reinstalling Mac OS X Mavericks
    29. New! Features
      1. OS X Mavericks
    30. Index
    31. Online Workshop

    Product information

    • Title: OS X Mavericks on Demand
    • Author(s): Perspection Inc. Steve Johnson
    • Release date: October 2013
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133494884