Chapter 5 What Can I Do with Applications?


Mavericks is more than just an operating system; it’s also full of applications designed to make your computing life as productive as possible, while being simple and fun to use. From word processing to buying music online, from surfing the web to taking photos with the Mac camera, OS X 10.9 comes in one flavor: fully loaded! This chapter introduces you to the myriad programs that come with Mavericks. I show you how to navigate most Mac applications, going in depth with TextEdit and Messages, as well as how to use common keyboard shortcuts.

Discovering Mavericks Applications

Mavericks ships with more than 25 applications, a.k.a. apps, each offering a unique way of handling various tasks. With so many applications, you may be wondering what they all do. I cover the lesser-known (or lesser-used) applications briefly in this chapter, but I go more in depth with the Mac word processor, TextEdit. Because I cover some of the more high-profile applications in other chapters, I give only short introductions to them here (see Table 5.3).

To see all the applications at your disposal, open the Applications folder, as shown in Figure 5.1.


5.1 The Applications folder in all its glory.

You can open the Applications folder in these ways:

Click the ...

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