Chapter 8 How Do I Organize My Life with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Reminders?


If your life is anything like mine, you need as much organization as you can get. Enter Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Reminders. With Calendar, you can create calendars for family or work events, while Contacts keeps all your contacts in one location. You can create events in Calendar with reminders for important dates (no more excuses if you forget your anniversary, guys). Contacts allows access to your contacts through any application programmed to use it, including Mail or Messages. Notes is a nifty tool for jotting down your thoughts, and Reminders keeps you abreast of all the tasks in your life.

Creating Calendars

Open Calendar to get started; choose Go→Applications in the menu and double-click the Calendar icon, or use Launchpad to find and start Calendar.

You can create calendars that reflect the different areas of your everyday life, such as your work schedule, bill due dates, or school events. Having a separate calendar for each makes it easier to organize your time.

You can create a new calendar in two ways:

bullet.tif Choose FileNew Calendar. If you are signed in to iCloud, choose File→New Calendar→iCloud.

Press +Option+N. This action won’t work, though, if you are trying to create a new iCloud ...

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