Chapter 9 How Do I Master the Web with Safari?


Since the advent of television, nothing has affected our daily activities quite like the Internet. Checking e-mail and surfing the web have become as routine as waking up in the morning. Mavericks comes loaded with the seventh version of one of the web’s best surfboards: Safari. Safari is a lightning-fast and standards-compliant browser that has even the most demanding of browser critics smiling. Most computer users are quite familiar with the bare basics of web browsing, so in this chapter, I jump right into the meat and potatoes of using and customizing Safari.

Setting Safari Preferences

The heart of Safari is its preferences. They tell Safari how you want it to behave in both everyday browsing and special circumstances. In this section, I discuss preferences in some detail so that you can use them to streamline and customize your surfing experience. To open Safari’s preferences, hold down the mac command key key and press the , (comma) key, or select Safari→Preferences from the menu.


The General pane of the Safari preferences is shown in Figure 9.1.


9.1 The options in the Safari General preferences pane.

Table 9.1 gives the scoop on all ...

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