Chapter 15 How Do I Install Microsoft’s Windows Operating System on My Mac?


Because Macs are equipped with Intel processors, you can install Windows on your Mac just as you would on any other Intel-based PC. If you’re switching from a Windows computer to the wonderful world of Mac, having Windows installed can make the transition a little smoother. However, if you’re anything like the Windows converts I know, you will find yourself running Windows less and less as you become more familiar with Mavericks.

Understanding the Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp is a tool provided with Mavericks that helps walk you through the process of installing Microsoft Windows on your Mac. It’s a simple utility but one that performs some very big jobs, such as:

bullet.tif Partitioning your hard drive

bullet.tif Booting from the Windows installation disc

bullet.tif Installing drivers in Windows that you need in order to use hardware that comes with Macs, such as the built-in camera (if you have one)

Benefits of installing Microsoft Windows

If you’re a longtime Mac fan, you may be dubious about the title of this section, but former Windows ...

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