Appendix BMac Shortcut Keys

The keyboard can be quite an efficient tool for quickly executing tasks on your Mac, and this section lists some of the more common keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can save your mouse or trackpad oodles of mileage, as well as speeding up nearly every job you’ll tackle on your trusty Mac.

Finder Shortcuts

Use the shortcuts in Table B.1 to switch Finder window views, open a new Finder window, eject a disc, duplicate files and folders, maneuver through the Finder sidebar, and manage your Trash.

Table B.1 Finder Shortcuts



mac command key+A

Select all items in the current window.

mac command key+D

Duplicate the selected item.

mac command key+E

Eject the current disc.

mac command key+F

Display the Find dialog.

mac command key+I

Open the Get Info window for the selected item.

mac command key+J

Show the View options.


Create an alias for the selected item.


Open a new Finder ...

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