access point A network device that allows two or more Macs to connect over a wireless network.

Contacts Application for maintaining lists of personal contacts and their pertinent information, such as phone numbers, e-mail and street addresses, and relevant web pages.

administrator A powerful user account that has the ability to make permanent changes to the Mac operating system, including (but not limited to) creating and deleting other users or administrators, installing software for system-wide use, installing device drivers, and so on.

AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) A network protocol used to share files and network services among Mac computers.

AirDrop A feature that allows incredibly simple drag-and-drop file sharing with other Macs running AirDrop. Click the AirDrop icon in a Finder window sidebar, find the computer with which you want to share your files, and then drag and drop your file onto the computer name or icon. The file is automatically copied to the recipient’s Downloads folder.

AirPort Apple’s range of wireless networking products. AirPort uses the industry standard 802.11 protocol.

Apple menu Home to a few key commands, such as Software Update and System Preferences. This menu also includes Sleep, Restart, Shut Down, and Log Out commands. See also application menu, menu bar, menu extras.

AppleTalk An easy-to-use networking protocol developed by Apple for communication among computers, servers, printers, and other devices running the protocol.

application ...

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