Communications Made Easy

In This Chapter

arrow Managing contacts with Contacts

arrow Mastering e-mail with Mail

arrow Conquering chats and iMessages with Messages

arrow Finding places with Maps

In this chapter, you look at a quartet of terrific programs that work together and make managing your contacts, e-mail, maps, and messages (chats) a breeze. You’re about to find out how these eponymous programs — Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Maps — work, and how to use them individually and as a team.

tip_4c.eps I cover a lot of material in not a lot of space in this chapter, so if there’s something you want to find out about Contacts, Mail, or Messages that I don’t cover, don’t forget about the wonderful assistance you can find in Help⇒Mail Help (or Contacts Help, Messages Help, or Maps Help).

Collecting Your Contacts

Contacts stores and manages information about your family, friends, and anyone else you want to keep ...

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