OS X® Mountain Lion Absolute Beginner’s Guide

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Make the most of your new OS X® Mountain Lion notebook or desktop computer—without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to get comfortable, get productive, get online, connect with friends and family, explore the Web, enjoy music and video, and have way more fun! Even if you’ve never used a Mac before, this book will show you how to do what you want, one incredibly clear and easy step at a time.
OS X Mountain Lion has never been this simple!

Who knew how simple OS X Mountain Lion could be?

This is today’s best beginner’s guide to using your new OS X Mountain Lion desktop or notebook computer: simple, practical instructions for doing everything you really want to do! Here’s a small sample of what you learn:

•    Master Mountain Lion’s new iPad®/iPhone®-like features

•    Learn Mac essentials, from bootup to the Dock

•    Sync your data on iCloud, and use it anywhere

•    Personalize your Mac to match your style and make you more productive

•    Use iTunes® to enjoy music, Internet radio, TV, movies, podcasts, and even college courses

•    Stay organized with Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Reminders

•    Connect with people via Mail, Messages, and FaceTime® video calls

•    Get instant access to weather, stock, and flight information

•    Compete against gamers running Macs, iPads, or iPhones

•    Explore the Web with Apple’s speedy Safari browser

•    Use Photo Booth® to capture, edit, and share photos and video

•    Automatically back up your Mac with Time Machine®

•    Protect your Mac (and yourself) against online threats

Category: Computers

Covers: Macintosh Operating System

User Level: Beginning

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. Dedication
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. We Want to Hear from You!
  9. Reader Services
  10. Introduction
    1. How This Book Is Organized
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. Let Me Know What You Think
  11. Part I. Getting Acquainted with Mountain Lion Basics
    1. 1. Booting Up and Shutting Down
      1. Turning on Your Mac
      2. Taking a Close Look at the Desktop
      3. Putting Your Mac to Sleep or Shutting It Down
    2. 2. Using Menus and Dialog Boxes
      1. Using the Menu Bar
      2. Using Dialog Boxes
      3. Using Context Menus
      4. Using Menu Extras
    3. 3. Using the Dock
      1. Examining the Parts of the Dock
      2. Launching Applications from the Dock
      3. Opening Folders on the Dock
    4. 4. Working with Windows
      1. Performing Common Window Functions
      2. Taking a Closer Look at Windows
      3. Using Full Screen Mode
      4. Switching Between Windows
    5. 5. Using iCloud
      1. What Is the iCloud?
      2. What Does It Do?
      3. Why Do I Want It?
      4. How Can I Get It?
      5. How Does It Work?
      6. How Can I See What’s on the iCloud?
      7. How Can I Get More of It?
  12. Part II. Customizing the Way Your Mac Works
    1. 6. Using and Controlling Your Hardware
      1. Setting Hardware Preferences
      2. Using the CD/DVD SuperDrive
      3. Using External Drives
      4. Controlling the Brightness and Resolution of the Screen
      5. Setting Up the Keyboard
      6. Operating the Mouse or Trackpad
      7. Installing and Managing Printers
      8. Controlling Speaker Volume and Sound Alerts
      9. Enabling Dictation
    2. 7. Personalizing the Desktop
      1. Changing the Background
      2. Using a Screen Saver
      3. Displaying and Using Icons on the Desktop
      4. Configuring Notifications
      5. Modifying the Menu Bar
    3. 8. Customizing the Dock
      1. Setting the Preferences for the Dock
      2. Examining Icons in the Dock
      3. Removing Icons from the Dock
      4. Adding Application Icons to the Dock
      5. Adding File or Folder Icons to the Dock
      6. Rearranging Icons on the Dock
      7. Customizing Folder Icons
  13. Part III. Working with Files, Folders, and Applications
    1. 9. Getting Acquainted with the Finder
      1. Getting Started with the Finder
      2. Exploring the Finder Window
      3. Configuring the Sidebar
      4. Using Finder Views
      5. Opening Multiple Finder Windows
    2. 10. Creating Folders in the Finder
      1. Creating “Regular” Folders
      2. Creating and Using Smart Folders
      3. Creating and Using Burn Folders
    3. 11. Working with Files and Folders in the Finder
      1. Opening Folders and Files in the Finder
      2. Finding Files and Folders
      3. Renaming Files and Folders
      4. Copying and Moving Files
      5. Sharing Files
      6. Moving Files to the Trash a.k.a. Deleting Files
      7. Burning Files to a Disc
    4. 12. Working with Applications
      1. Launching Applications
      2. Using Launchpad
      3. Closing Applications
      4. Quitting Applications
      5. Installing Applications
      6. Getting the Most from the Mac App Store
  14. Part IV. Using Mountain Lion Apps
    1. 13. Using Safari
      1. Launching Safari the First Time
      2. Using Top Sites
      3. Navigating the Web
      4. Browsing in Tabs or Windows
      5. Using the Tab View
      6. Synchronizing Tabs
      7. Getting a Better View of Web Pages
      8. Using Bookmarks
      9. Using the Reading List
      10. Downloading and Viewing Files
      11. Sharing Web Content
    2. 14. Using Contacts
      1. Exploring the Contacts Window
      2. Creating a New Contact
      3. Dictating a Contact
      4. Customizing the Contact Template
      5. Working with Groups
      6. Working with Your Contacts
      7. Closing the Contacts Application
    3. 15. Using Calendar
      1. Exploring and Navigating the Calendar Views
      2. Adding Events to the Calendar
      3. Working with Events
      4. Inviting People to Events
      5. Creating Additional Calendars
    4. 16. Using Notes
      1. Exploring the Notes Window
      2. Creating a Note
      3. Pinning a Note to the Desktop
      4. Finding, Editing, and Deleting Notes
      5. Sharing a Note
      6. Creating and Deleting Your Own Note Folders
    5. 17. Using Reminders
      1. Exploring the Reminder Window
      2. Creating a Simple Reminder
      3. Dictating a Reminder
      4. Adding Options to a Reminder
      5. Marking Reminders off the List
      6. Finding, Editing, and Deleting Reminders
      7. Sorting Reminders
      8. Creating and Working with New Reminder Lists
    6. 18. Using Mail
      1. Setting Up Mail Accounts
      2. Exploring the Mail Window
      3. Getting and Reading Email
      4. Sending Messages and Replies
      5. Forwarding a Message
      6. Finding Messages
      7. Deleting Messages
      8. Dealing with Junk Mail
      9. Creating Mailboxes
    7. 19. Using Messages
      1. Getting Acquainted with Messages
      2. Setting Up Your Messages Account
      3. Sending and Receiving Messages
      4. Sending More Than Text in a Message
      5. Deleting Conversations
      6. Searching for Messages
    8. 20. Using FaceTime
      1. Getting Acquainted with FaceTime
      2. Setting Up the FaceTime Application
      3. Making a Call
      4. Receiving a FaceTime Call on the Mac
      5. Turning FaceTime Off and On
    9. 21. Using TextEdit
      1. Launching TextEdit
      2. Setting TextEdit Preferences
      3. Creating and Saving Documents
      4. Boiling It Down
      5. Navigating
      6. Editing Text
      7. Formatting
      8. Creating a Table
    10. 22. Using the Dashboard
      1. Exploring the Dashboard
      2. Managing Widgets
      3. Downloading and Installing Widgets
      4. Organizing and Finding Widgets on the Widgetpad
      5. Creating Your Own Web Clip Widget
    11. 23. Using Preview
      1. Launching Preview
      2. Editing Files
      3. Viewing PDF Files
      4. Modifying PDF Files
  15. Part V. Entertaining Yourself
    1. 24. Using the Game Center
      1. Getting Started with the Game Center
      2. Acquiring Games
      3. Playing Games
      4. Adding Friends
    2. 25. Using Video Applications
      1. Using DVD Player
      2. Using QuickTime Player
      3. Playing a Video on QuickTime Player
      4. Recording with QuickTime Player
      5. Editing Movies with QuickTime Player
      6. Sharing QuickTime Files
    3. 26. Using iTunes
      1. Exploring the iTunes Window
      2. Listening to a Music CD
      3. Using Visualizer
      4. Adding Music to the Library
      5. Creating and Playing Playlists
      6. Burning a Music CD
      7. Listening to Radio
      8. Acquiring and Playing Movies and TV Shows
      9. Acquiring and Playing Podcasts
      10. Acquiring and Playing Courses from iTunes U
    4. 27. Using Photo Booth
      1. Exploring the Photo Booth Window
      2. Taking and Viewing Photos
      3. Recording and Viewing Movies
      4. Trimming a Video
      5. Using Effects
      6. Deleting Items in Photo Booth
      7. Sharing Your Photos and Movies
  16. Part VI. Performing Administrative Routines
    1. 28. Managing User Accounts
      1. Creating a User Account
      2. Enabling and Disabling the Guest Account
      3. Setting Login Options
      4. Working with Multiple User Logins
      5. Modifying a User Account
      6. Deleting a User Account
    2. 29. Maintaining and Securing Your Mac
      1. Maintaining Your Mac
      2. Securing Your Mac
      3. Securing Your Privacy
  17. Index
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  • Title: OS X® Mountain Lion Absolute Beginner’s Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780133118131