Hosting Your Own Websites

With wiki services turned on, your server’s fully qualified domain name (server.example. net or server.example. private) will take users to the OS X Server’s built-in wiki-based site. If you want to host your own website, the following possibilities are available:

check.png Replace the built-in wiki-based site with your own.

check.png Run the built-in wiki-based site in addition to your own.

check.png Run multiple websites, with or without the built-in wiki site.

remember.eps If you want to host a website that is visible to the Internet, you must own a domain name (such as purchased from a registrar such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy. These companies can often host the required DNS records if you don’t want to host them on OS X Server.

As with other services in Mountain Lion Server, you use the Server app to configure and manage your websites. To turn on web services, open the Server app and click Websites in the sidebar. The window shown in Figure 12-13 appears. As with other services, you turn web services on and off with the big switch.

In the Websites area are two entries: Server ...

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