Management Tools in Mountain Lion Server

Flipping through this book, you see that I mostly describe two tools: the Server application and Workgroup Manager, which plays a smaller, more specialized role.

tip.eps The Server app is included with Mountain Lion Server. You’ll find it in the Applications folder, but you won’t find Workgroup Manager. You have to go get it yourself from Apple at this location:

Introducing the Server App

Previous versions of OS X Server gave you a folder full of stuff to administrate the server. With Mountain Lion Server, Apple centralized the administration of OS X Server in a single application, the Server app (shown in Figure 1-3). This is where you not only set up file sharing and manage devices but also install the server software itself.

Figure 1-3: The Server app gives you easy access to configuring services.


The Server app enables you turn services on and off and configure them. You can assign user passwords and manage mail, calendar, and messaging services. You can also turn on remote access via a virtual private network. The Time Machine icon in the Server app lets you set automated backups of server data.

Configuring services and accounts with the Server app

To start a service, click an icon under Services in the ...

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