Chapter 7: Keeping Track with Contacts

In This Chapter

arrow.png Adding contact cards

arrow.png Editing contacts

arrow.png Using contact information throughout OS X

arrow.png Creating and e-mailing groups

arrow.png Printing contacts

arrow.png Importing and exporting vCards

Are you still struggling with a well-thumbed address book stuck in a drawer of your office desk? Are you fighting a wallet or purse crammed with sticky notes and odd scraps of paper, each of which bears an invaluable e-mail address or phone number? If so, you can finally set yourself free and enjoy the “Paperless Lifestyle” of the new millennium with the revolutionary new Rauncho Digital Address Book! Only $29.95 — and it doubles as an indestructible garden hose! But wait! There’s more! And if you order in the nest 10 minutes, we’ll also send you. . . .

Of course, you and I would tune that stuff out as soon as we heard it, but believe it or not, the Rauncho Digital Address ...

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