Chapter 3: Delving under the Hood with System Preferences

In This Chapter

arrow.png Displaying and customizing settings in System Preferences

arrow.png Saving your changes

arrow.png Changing settings

The System Preferences window is the place to practice behavior modification in OS X. The settings that you specify in System Preferences affect the majority of the applications that you use as well as the hardware that you connect to your Mac; your Internet and network traffic; the appearance and activity on your Desktop; and how Mountain Lion handles money, dates, and languages. Oh, and don’t forget your screen saver — important stuff!

In this chapter, I discuss the many settings in System Preferences. You discover what does what and how you can customize the appearance and operation of OS X.

The Preferred Way to Display the Preferences

Apple has made it easy to open the System Preferences window. Just click the System Preferences icon (which looks like a number of gears) on the Dock, and the window shown in Figure 3-1 appears. You can also open the window by clicking the Apple menu (Apple Menu) and choosing the System Preferences ...

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